Invincible Ignorance

Discovered to my shock that a moderate-to-conservative relative was planning to vote for Obama and, assuming he was unaware of Obama’s unsavory connections and socialist identity, emailed him a link to IBD Editorials. I received this [excerpted] reply:

I appreciate your attempt to educate me as to Obama’s flaws, Bob, but I intend to vote for him on election day unless I find out that he is an alien intent on eating children.

There are some things on which I agree with McCain, but I do not find any reason to believe that he will be an effective executive, and Sarah Palin is in no way qualified to succeed him should he die or become incapacitated during his term. Had McCain chosen anyone else, I might well be willing to consider him. And believe me, Bob, there is no way that you can ever convince me that Sarah Palin is at all ready to be President of the US. She would be a deer in the headlights, hockey mom or not. . . .

My response:

“an alien intent on eating children” Might as well be. His appointments to the Supreme Court will guarantee the continuing murder of unborn children. “Murder?!! He said ‘murder.’ Tee hee.” [LAUGH TRACK] Yes, murder.

As for Palin, she has far more executive experience than Obama (who has none). Undeniable. Case closed.

What on earth makes Obama “ready”? Glibness? Radical associates? Criminal associates? Direct connections to vote fraud? Illegal domestic contributions? Illegal foreign contributions? A running mate who’s a plagiarizing hack? . . .

Hey, I still don’t care for McCain and can’t see how anyone could cast a ballot for him without holding his nose, but nothing on earth could make me vote for a smug, socialist change-agent-in-disguise like Obama. I’ve been fighting ruthless, pious bastards like him all my life.

You’ve had exchanges like this with your own relatives and friends, so you know the rest of the story: Several more emails went back and forth, neither one of us gave an inch, the hostility level increased markedly each time, and a close family tie was nearly severed. But how could I let it go? If I really believe, as I do, that an Obama presidency poses a genuine threat to the security of our country, mustn’t I make a sincere effort to share my concerns with open-minded people? (I don’t waste time on lefties and nitwits.)

We survived JFK, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton (the three worst presidents in the history of the United States, in that order), but will we survive Obama? As I told my relative in one of my last-ditch efforts to persuade him at least to investigate further: “I have no idea what a McCain Administration would mean for our country in general or conservatives in particular, but I am confident that an Obama presidency would be disastrous. (Another four years of Carter, I’m convinced, would have led to a full-fledged invasion from the South.)”

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