HOMILY GRITS: I Believe in Miracles

Is the Age of Miracles over? If it is, you can’t prove it by me. My life has been full of miracles — and that’s just a small sampling. Of course, if I hadn’t been willing to believe them, I’d never have seen them. For a naturalist, seeing is believing. For a supernaturalist, believing is seeing. And, believe me, that perspective makes all the difference.

If you believe, as I and other Catholics do, that a priest changes ordinary bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ at every Mass, miracles are an everyday occurrence. Rather commonplace, really.

Is such a phenomenon “impossible”? Of course. Is belief in such a thing “ridiculous”? Absolutely. But, you know what? Once you start believing, it’s impossible not to see. What you see brings meaning to everything you do and ties it all together, and life is suddenly far, far richer than it ever had been. Try it. You’ll like it.

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