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Diversity & Social Justice


Diversity & Social Justice

. . . Northerners can be forgiven for not realizing where this road will lead, but Southerners have no excuse, for they have seen the future and should know that the Reconstruction planned for America as a whole will bear a striking resemblance to the barbarism visited upon the South. . . . — “Tomorrow Is Another Day,” F.R. Duplantier

Diversity and social justice, properly defined, are good things. It is simply a matter of charity and courtesy to accept natural differences and try to get along with others, to identify genuine injustices and use honest means to rectify them. Accommodating contrived differences and bewailing imaginary grievances, however, are abuses of charity and courtesy. As false banners for a radical left-wing agenda and weapons for demonizing decent, good-hearted people, “diversity” and “social justice” are consummate evils. Beware of people who invoke these seemingly innocent terms to justify their proposals or to stifle the dissent of their opponents; there’s a good chance they’re up to no good and are seeking neither diversity nor social justice, but the power to enslave us all.

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