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When Idiots & Ideologues Lobby


When Idiots & Ideologues Lobby

Vincentian Blend
The U.S. headquarters of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul urges its members to support “Immigration reform” legislation that does the following:

• Provides a path to citizenship for undocumented persons in the country;
• Preserves family unity as a corner stone of our national immigration system;
• Provides a legal path for low-skilled immigrants to come and work in the United States;
• Restores due process protections to our immigration enforcement policies;
• Addresses the root causes of migration, such as persecution and economic disparity.

A path to citizenship for undocumented workers (i.e., illegal aliens)? Why? Is this necessarily the best outcome for our country (the paramount concern), as well as for the individuals involved? Is there not a “diversity” of opinion on this subject among Vincentians? Why must the ones who disagree with this approach be hectored into supporting — and have their membership dues subsidize the promotion of — an opposite opinion?

Preserving family unity? Someone choosing to enter our country illegally obligates us to extend invitations to the extended family he chose to leave behind? How does that work exactly? Wouldn’t it be more conducive to family unity if we sent him back to the family and community he abandoned?

A legal path for low-skilled immigrants? Why are we the only country on earth expected to welcome low-skilled immigrants? Why do most other countries prefer  high-skilled immigrants , assuming they allow immigration at all? Other than expanding the pool of low-price labor for limousine liberals, increasing demand for tax-funded social services, and creating more irrational Democratic voters, what exactly is the motivation for focusing on low-skilled immigrants?

Restoring due process? If “undocumented workers” are currently entering, or residing in, our country illegally, wouldn’t the first step toward due process be to locate and deport them, so that they could participate in the due process of becoming legal immigrants?

Adddressing the root causes of migration? How exactly? If the conditions in the countries the immigrants are leaving are unsatisfactory and the conditions in our country are better, how do we “address” that? Do we have the power to improve conditions in a foreign country?  Should we try to make conditions in our own country less appealing? What is the cause of the “economic disparity” between their homes and ours? Is it not the socialist political policies of their thuggish rulers that make economic growth impossible? Would the U.S. headquarters of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul support the one thing that might lessen economic disparity: a global campaign to promote capitalism?

And what about persecution? If the main targets of persecution in the world today are Christians, if there are clear signs that this persecution is beginning to erupt here in the United States, why are so many high-level Vincentians continuing to collaborate with our would-be persecutors: the anti-Christian, socialist members of the Democratic Party?

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