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Racial Reeducation


Racial Reeducation

As part of its continuing nationwide campaign to cut poverty in half by 2020, Catholic Charities USA is ramping up efforts to help people understand the ties between poverty and racism. . . . Precious Blood Father Clarence Williams, senior director of racial equality and diversity initiatives at Catholic Charities USA, said Catholics must begin to understand the depth of poverty and take significant steps to alleviate it across racial lines. — Catholic News Service

You’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of radical leftwingers using the banner of “social justice” to implement their agenda in the Church, but I wonder if you’re aware of another looming threat: racial reeducation. Under the auspices of Catholic Charities, Fr. Clarence Williams will introduce his “racial sobriety” program to dioceses across the country.

In person, Fr. Clarence, whom I’ve met, is disarmingly cordial, not the least bit threatening. But his program is malicious, utterly vile, and dangerous. I tried to read his book, also called Racial Sobriety, but was so repulsed by it that I got less than halfway through. The premise is that all white people are bigots and all blacks are innocent victims. A white person who denies being a bigot is, ipso facto, a bigot. Any person, white or black, who fails to affirm the malignancy of white culture is in denial. White participants in the program, modeled on the AA 12-step plan, must admit their bigotry before they can be healed. You can imagine what happens to a person who resists self-denunciation. The program would be laughable, were it not for the fact that Catholic Charities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul have committed to implementing it.

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