Your Weekly Politickle: MUTE POINT

Your Weekly Politickle: MUTE POINT

Are you crazy or some kind of chump?
Was a paddle applied to your rump?
Though you try and you try,
You cannot stop this guy:
There’s no way you can gag Donald Trump!

From the archive

“It is merely a matter of time
’Til the target is tarnished with slime:
Follow Beria’s plan,
Just bring us the man,
And we will establish the crime.”

“Open up! FBI! It’s a raid!
We have evidence to be displayed,
To be planted in pantries
And Melania’s panties
So a solid court case can be made.”

Lots of left-wing associations,
Lots of biased investigations,
Insane persons employed
Are what finally destroyed
Their self-satisfied reputations

Having failed in a decades-long try,
An appreciative communist spy
Pays a due compliment
To our own President
For destroying the FBI.

Last week’s limerick

Trust the plan? Trust the plan? Trust the plan?
Well, I will, if I possibly can,
But, before I do so,
I’m afraid I must know:
What’s the plan? What’s the plan? What’s the plan?

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