Your Weekly Politickle: MEA CULPA COUNTY

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“We’ve got lots of explaining to do,
As the scandal’s far worse than we knew.
This was no accident,
This stage-managed event:
What we have on our hands is a coup!”


(to the tune of “Copacabana)

The vote was stolen
It wasn’t chosen
With ballots gathered from the air
And addresses from nowhere

They were McCain-ites
And dirty low-lifes
And while they tried to distort
Even still they came up short

They cleared the crowded floor
And they worked behind closed doors
They were dumb and they had no other
Chance to add some votes

Maricopa, Arizona
A virus that’s worse than Corona
Corruption and treason
Were always in season
Maricopa, they broke the law

Last week’s limerick

In your minds, foolish fallacies furled
And pretentious impieties pearled,
But you’re done with your classes,
So now all you smartasses
Must adjust to the work-a-day world.

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