Your Weekly Politickle: LETICIA

AG James, overflowing with bile,
Has resorted to tactics so vile
That are more than grotesque
And, indeed, Kafkasque:
She, herself, is the one that’s on trial.

From the archive

“Re-indict me ’cause it feels so good.
Re-indict me like I knew you would.
You’re playing checkers, yes?
Well, I’m playing chess.
I’m so excited ’cause I’m re-indicted, hey hey.”

“Open up! FBI! It’s a raid!
We have evidence to be displayed,
To be planted in pantries
And Melania’s panties
So a solid court case can be made.”

There was no “insurrection”:
This false-flag misdirection
Was an effort to stump
Donald J. Trump
And prevent his reelection.

Last week’s limerick

“There’s no evidence,” Democrats say
When displaying dishonest dismay.
“Biden’s only big bad
Is he’s such a good dad.”
That’s the best they can do? That’s their play?

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