Your Weekly Politickle: DEPLORABUS UNUM

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

You may think that we’re deplorable,
But the fact is we’re adorable:
We are tried, we are true,
We outnumber you,
And that means we’re unignorable.

From the archive

We must do what our duties demand
To preserve this exceptional land,
To make sure we’re united
And never divided,
’Cause a house that’s divided can’t stand.

Our last names may be Hess, Hock, or Harrigan,
Federov, Feldstein, or Farrakhan,
MacDonald, Mandina,
Nguyen, Wong, Kim, or Pena,
But we’re one and we’re all all-American.

Census takers who tally my head
Will not know if I’m black, white, or red:
Because, in the space
To designate race,
I’ll inscribe the word “human” instead.

Adding Euro- and Afro- won’t do:
Ethnic conflict will only ensue.
No hyphen for me:
I’m happy to be
An American through and through.

Last week’s limericks

“Was that Karen conserved in a cask?
Did she not get the memo?” we ask.
“The pandemic she fears
Has been over for years.
Tell us why does she still wear a mask?”

I’ll see something that doesn’t belong
And again she will sing the same song:
Not once ever has she
Said she’s sorry to me
Or admitted she did something wrong.

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