Your Weekly Politickle: CLOSE

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Such behavior and no one complains?
Such a lunatic should be in chains!
It’s as plain as can be
And a toddler can see
That the emperor has no brains.

From the archive

“Hunter, shake a few trees in Iran,
In Ukraine, Belarus, Pakistan.
Who knows what might just drop
To enrich you and Pop?
C’mon shake, Hunter, shake! C’mon, man!”

Has your patience worn thin, Comrade Joe?
Well, that’s funny! In case you don’t know,
You serve us, you big clown,
Not the other way round,
And it’s time for your dumb ass to go.

An old hack who is out of his mind,
Who for decades robbed taxpayers blind
And feathered his nest
With foreign largesse:
He’s the best that the Party could find?

“I’m Joe Biden, I’m ‘ill’ and talk smack,
I’m all down with the dudes that smoke crack,
All the boys in the ’hood
Know I’m ‘bad’ (which means good):
If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”

“I’m Joe Biden, I’m running for press event!
What I mean is, I’m running for peppermints!
Folks, I’m not really senile,
You can trust me, and meanwhile:
I’m Joe Biden, I’m running for Pepsodent!”

Of a scandal, there’s not been a whiff?
Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, and Schiff
All have ties to Ukraine
That they cannot explain:
It’s no longer a question of if.

“There’s no conflict for me or for Sonny –
That’s a fact, even if it sounds funny.
You can trust me,” says Joe,
“There was no quid pro quo
When we traded influence for money.”

Last week’s limerick

Overbearing and maybe too stern?
Did I not leave them leeway to learn?
Is that why they left
And I now am bereft?
How I long for my children’s return!

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