Your Weekly Politickle: BAD END

In a limerick, it’s a crime
If the last line doesn’t rhyme
With the first and the second,
But I say, what the heck! and
Epstein didn’t kill himself.

From the archive

Epstein’s service is access to kids
And it all is recorded on vids:
Jeffrey’s “friends” soon know
There’s a quid pro quo,
And they do whatever he bids.

You may think that I’m pulling a prank,
But I’m trying my best to be frank:
In my search for a rhyme
I have run out of time,
So you’ll just have to fill in the ___.

Last week’s limerick

“Halloween, back in China, we knew
To ask some costumed kids, ‘Who are you?’
Though it’s plain as can be
That they’re dressed up as Xi,
They might say that they’re Winnie the Pooh.”

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