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The pictures above represent three lying thieves I once worked with. They know who they are.


The first rule of damage control is to anticipate things that can go wrong and make sure they don’t.  Amazingly enough, most people don’t get this simple rule and respond in the worst possible way. If you want to be just as stupid, here are a few tips for compounding the problem you could have avoided.

  1. Worm your way into a position for which you’re unqualified.
  2. Create a culture of incompetence and dishonesty.
  3. When a problem arises, ignore it.
  4. When others bring the problem to your attention, deny it.
  5. When it becomes impossible to deny, insist that the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.
  6. When it becomes clear that the problem is truly serious, declare that you are preoccupied with much more important matters from which you cannot be distracted.
  7. When it is suggested that the problem may be more important than those other matters, malign the people who drew attention to the problem.
  8. When that doesn’t work, pretend that you knew nothing about the problem and blame it on someone else.
  9. When that person is exonerated and the cloud of suspicion settles over your head, announce that you will launch an investigation to find out how the problem arose and who the culprits are.
  10. Appoint the culprits to the investigative committee.

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