Your Weekly Politickle: LITES OUT

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“We were so far ahead! How’d we choke?
We were basking in bucks! Now we’re broke?
There is no more demand
For our popular brand.
We were sleeping, but thought we were woke.”

From the archive

It was Johnny Cash of country fame
Who sang a song about a boy with a name
That caused him grief his whole life through
According to the song that Johnny sung
The dad left home when the lad was young
But before he left, he named the poor kid Sue.

When the song came out, it was quite a joke
There was no such thing as this thing called “woke”
Way back then we didn’t have a clue
That some future day the day would come
When folks lost their minds and were overrun
By a world that’s full of boys named Sue.

Well, that was then and this is now
And now we have to figure out how
To put the genie back in the bottle again
’Cause any boy who’s wearing a dress
Can claim the right to have access
To places just not meant for horny men.

And it’s got to stop before it gets worse
With our daughters attacked by men in skirts
And the school board saying, “What can we do?”
Here’s what they can do: They can do their jobs,
’Cause if they don’t, there’ll be angry mobs
Justifiably mad about boys named Sue.

Here come the men in drag
Allegedly transgender
Here come the men in drag
Locker-room offenders

The bad boys dress in drag to infiltrate,
Invade your space, get in your face in your private place

Here come the men in drag, ETC.

They pretend to be what they cannot be
What they say they are is a fallacy

Here come the men in drag, ETC.

They’re in disguise, but the girls are wise
’Cause they’ve been advised not to be surprised

Here come the men in drag, ETC.

Now the question is, will adults demand
That this hokey hoax at last be banned?

Here come the men in drag, ETC.

Last week’s limerick

“Opportunity knocks, let it in.
Captive workers and voters: win, win.
Votes and labor are free
Once you buy them from me.
So much money to make, let’s begin.”

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