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We don’t have cable and gave up trying to find something worth watching on broadcast television years ago (the Triple Crown races being the sole exceptions). We do own dozens of classic films and cartoons on videotape and cd, however, which we rewatch regularly. We also rent movies frequently (free of charge) from the local library.

Recently, while searching for some of my favorite cartoons online, to see if they were available for purchase or rental, I was delighted to find many of them posted on YouTube and have spent many a pleasant evening since enjoying them with my children: Eek the Cat, Mother Goose & Grimm, The Ant and the Aardvark, The King & Odie, Go Go Gophers, etc.

This week, I found several of my favorite TV shows on YouTube — Fawlty Towers, Jeeves & Wooster, Frank’s Place — and decided to add them to the “favorites” on my YouTube channel. Frank’s Place is set in New Orleans at a restaurant very carefully modeled on the world-famous Chez Helene, where chef Austin Leslie served up the best soul food (fried chicken, stuffed peppers, red beans & rice, etc.) in the city. The chef in the program is his spitting image.

I also added videos of some of my favorite New Orleans/Louisiana bands: the Neville Brothers, Chuck Carbo & the Spiders, Beausoleil, Bourre. Beausoleil played at my wedding reception in 1986; Bourre played at my sister’s in 1991. The Bourre video is actually an interview with bandleader Bruce Daigrepont, who established a weekly fais do do at Tipitina’s in New Orleans 22 years ago.

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