Your Weekly Politickle: TRUMPED

We’re not watching the stupid debate.
We don’t care how protagonists prate.
We know Donald’s the one
Who will get the job done.
All the others are just second-rate.

From the archive

Beto, Buttigieg, Biden, and Booker,
Castro, Gillibrand, Gabbard the looker,
Warren, Klobuchar, Sanders:
Every single one panders,
As do Swalwell and Harris the hooker.

Two dozen Dems vie for domination
To see who can get the nomination,
But whomever they choose
The Democrats lose
Because every one’s an abomination.

Last week’s limerick

“So the guy is accustomed to brag, huh?
And his tongue is loose, likely to wag, huh?
Let’s make sure he’s not heard,
That he can’t say a word,
And so stifle the terrorist MAGA.”

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