Your Weekly Politickle: TOO Q’ED

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“Trust the plan! Trust the plan! Trust the plan!”
So we’re told by the QAnon clan.
We would like to comply,
But we have to ask why
We should trust such a nebulous plan.

From the archive

Life in prison or maybe a trip
To the gallows, unless you now flip,
Help expose all the plots,
The ones calling the shots,
And abandon this fast-sinking ship.

You can say you were somehow deprived,
But the warnings online were archived:
It’s apparent that you
Just do not have a clue
And don’t know that the storm has arrived.

Please be patient, you’re in for a treat,
Grab some popcorn and find a good seat,
Soon the show will begin
And the good guys will win
As the bad guys go down to defeat.

Every “truth” in their credulous creed
Was instilled by the MSM feed:
How their heads will explode
When the false “facts” erode
And the real truth comes out at warp speed!

Though for months it has seemed like a dud,
The drip-dropping will soon be a flood,
And the things we will hear
As elections draw near:
Dirty Democrats covered in mud!

Last week’s limerick

“Xi Jinping get idea and he hire us:
Chairman say that he greatly desire us
To create something new
And release Wuhan Flu,
So to make secret weapon of virus.”

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