Your Weekly Politickle: SEX-STING

“What I did was indeed asinine,
But it seemed so romantic online.
I exchanged risqué pix
When I should have said nix.
No more sexting for me! I decline.”

From the archive

I’ve got the world on a screen,
I’m tweeting with a co-ed,
Got a thing about my weiner –
What a word! Where’s my wife? I’m enlarged.

I’ve got a shot that I send,
It’ll make her brain blow,
Or, again, it might offend her –
Lusty me! Can’t you see? I’m enlarged.

Wife’s a wonderful thing
As long as I have my flings.
I’d be a really stupid schmo
If I should ever let her know.

Little Anthony had to get meaner,
Being hung with a handle like Weiner,
Having always his surname
Being used as a slur name:
Could cognomens be any obscener?

Oh, you ought to get an oscar, “Mayor” Weiner,
For the explanation of your tweet,
But I doubt you’ll get an oscar, “Mayor” Weiner,
Or even keep your legislative seat.

Last week’s limerick

All the meatloaves I make are replete
With the vegetables you “hate” to eat;
Those “foul” foods that offend
Are mixed up in the blend:
To make some children eat, you must cheat.

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