Your Weekly Politickle: PRONOUNCEMENT

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Okay, now you are going too far,
Saying what your preferred pronouns are:
We don’t care if this vexes,
There are only two sexes,
And what you really are is bizarre.

From the archive

“I’m a man. No, a woman. No, man.
I change gender as fast as I can.
Call me ‘him,’ call me ‘her,’
But you’d better concur
With the gender I currently am.”

Left-wing radicals running our schools
Do great harm with their inverted rules:
They oppose every norm,
Reject custom and form,
And show deference to freaks and to fools.

Last week’s limerick

“You need to be more discreet, Paul.
You can’t pick up guys on the street, Paul.
I do not need your help
To embarrass myself.
Enough of this gay trick or treat, Paul.”

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