Your Weekly Politickle: PRIZELESS

All the world is erupting in cheers
At the greatest new peace deal in years,
But the chattering class
Will ignore it en masse
’Cause they’ve got something stuck in their ears.

From the archive

Getting older, you may realize
That your waistline’s a much larger size,
But Obama’s stayed slim,
Having kept himself trim:
Let’s award him the No-Belly Prize!

Their respect for the truth may be scanty,
Their perspective outrageously slanty;
Still, despite all their lies,
The posh Pulitzer Prize
Is retained by the Times and Duranty.

Last week’s limerick

Do you think you can pull off a coup
And establish a tyranny, too,
Without us fighting back
With a counterattack?
If you do, then you don’t have a clue.

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