Your Weekly Politickle: PRIMATE CHANGE

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There were popes who protected the Church,
But with Francis we’re left in the lurch:
If the gospel is “green,”
What does anything mean?
Is it time to begin a new search?

From the archive

It isn’t our fault this is late,
It goes out Monday mornings at eight,
We’ve not altered the time
That we send out our rhyme,
But the clock gets pushed back on this date.

From the clock that I keep on the wall
I acquired one more hour last Fall,
But I never did use it
And will now likely lose it:
Tell me what was the point of it all?

Saving daylight is wonderfully wise
And a cinch if a citizen tries.
It’s so simple to do,
I’ll explain it to you:
You save daylight by closing your eyes.

Will we ever develop the knack
Of remembering how to keep track,
Overcoming the “block”
Of resetting our clock:
To “fall forward” or, rather, “fall back”?

Last week’s limerick

All the “experts” have egg-spurted faces,
Having covered up China lab traces:
It’s no longer a mystery
And they can’t rewrite history
To get back in the public’s good graces.”

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