Your Weekly Politickle: MOCKINGBIRD

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An intelligence agency tries
To fill media outlets with spies:
With professional plants
And suborned sycophants
Who are feeding us nothing but lies.

From the archive

Lots of left-wing associations,
Lots of biased investigations,
Insane persons employed
Are what finally destroyed
Their self-satisfied reputations

When you’re constantly taking sides
With a narrative that divides,
When you won’t play it straight
As the Fourth Estate,
You’ve surrendered your bona fides.

Mainstream media’s known to suffuse
Its reports with particular views:
With this bias abundant,
It’s absurdly redundant
To call what it offers “fake news.”

Having failed in a decades-long try,
An appreciative communist spy
Pays a due compliment
To our own President
For destroying the FBI.

Last week’s limerick

“Since your viewpoints so often offend,
Our relationship now has to end:
You cannot come this year
To share holiday cheer,
And our invite we hereby rescind.”

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