Your Weekly Politickle: DEAD TO RIGHTS

“I admit I’m a little distraught
That your friends and mine finally got caught,”
I said in palaver
With a fellow cadaver,
“But we voted more times than I thought.”

From the archive

We are now in a sinister season
When unscrupulous souls see no reason
And it doesn’t make sense
To refrain from offense:
They’ve already committed high treason.

Do you think you can pull off a coup
And establish a tyranny, too,
Without us fighting back
With a counterattack?
If you do, then you don’t have a clue.

As a voter, I used to rejoice
At the franchise that gave me a voice,
But the system’s now fixed
And my own vote is nixed
By a fraudulent balloter’s choice.

Please be patient, you’re in for a treat,
Grab some popcorn and find a good seat,
Soon the show will begin
And the good guys will win
As the bad guys go down to defeat.

Last week’s limerick

What polls tell us is probably wrong,
As we’ll find out before very long:
They can’t measure the grace
That’s inspiring this race
And making the patriots strong.

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