Your Weekly Politickle: CALCULATOR

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“I discovered to my dismay
She’d assigned me a part in a ‘play,’
And her fond affirmations
Were just public relations
To sustain her sweet image and sway.”

From the archive

“To be honest, I like you a lot,
But a woman I simply am not.”
“Oh, my gosh, it’s uncanny!
Are you truly a tranny?”
“I’m not human. I’m really a bot.”

“Not much longer must I wait
To embrace my perfect mate:
She’s arriving soon
And will make me swoon
When she steps out of her crate.”

Married couples aren’t cutting their knots
And divorce rates are lessening lots.
What’s the reason for this
Sudden outbreak of bliss?
Everyone’s getting married to bots.

When first I was her suitor,
She said no one was cuter;
But now I find
That I’ve been blind:
She’s in love with her computer!

Last week’s limerick

He’s “in bed” with some bad so-and-sos,
He’s “in bed” with drug pushers and hoes,
He’s “in bed” with Deep Statists
And pedophile sadists,
He’s “in bed” with America’s foes.

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