Your Weekly Politickle: BOOSTED INCOME

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“Covid Karen’s addicted to shots
And is filling up lots of my slots:
Just today I re-goosed her
With her 25th booster
And re-jabbed two or three of her tots.”

From the archive

“Was that Karen conserved in a cask?
Did she not get the memo?” we ask.
“The pandemic she fears
Has been over for years.
Tell us why does she still wear a mask?”

They are going to take you to task
If you don’t do the thing that they ask:
They don’t care if it works
Or they’re acting like jerks,
They’re compelled to command, “Wear a mask!”

Last week’s limerick

Her conviction for procuring
Is just and reassuring,
But will clients report
For their day in court?
That’s what needs to be occurring.

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