Your Weekly Politickle: ALERT

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It’s too late when the moment is past,
The abduction is frightfully fast,
It’s the worst of your fears
When your child disappears,
And forever your heartache will last.

See “Sound of Freedom”

From the archive

It’s a magical place in the sun!
Cartoon characters greet everyone!
You’ll be kidnapped and raped
And videotaped!
Come on in, all you kids, and have fun!

Her conviction for procuring
Is just and reassuring,
But will clients report
For their day in court?
That’s what needs to be occurring.

In a limerick, it’s a crime
If the last line doesn’t rhyme
With the first and the second,
But I say, what the heck! and
Epstein didn’t kill himself.

Epstein’s service is access to kids
And it all is recorded on vids:
Jeffrey’s “friends” soon know
There’s a quid pro quo,
And they do whatever he bids.

Last week’s politickle

He pretends to be loyal to Trump
And continually kisses his rump,
Then goes on the attack,
Stabbing Trump in the back:
What a lying, ridiculous chump!

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