This Week’s List

You know you’re a liberal if . . .

  1. You’re willing to give a needy person the shirt off of someone else’s back
  2. You pride yourself on being unprejudiced but think minorities need assistance
  3. You want the government to do something about everything
  4. You’re okay with your 100-page condo agreement but find the Ten Commandments too restrictive
  5. You have no faith but think people who do are narrow-minded
  6. You think all Democratic presidents are geniuses and all Republican presidents are morons
  7. You detest mass murderers who are fascist but admire mass murderers who are communist
  8. You think aborted babies are better off
  9. You think mankind is responsible for the earth getting warmer — or colder, or warmer, or colder
  10. You think the world’s population should be reduced but won’t volunteer for the downsizing

F.R. Duplantier

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