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You know me: I don’t pay retail. I don’t even pay wholesale. My preference is to have people pay me to take something, but those deals are hard to come by. In the meantime, cheap, cheaper, and free are the only three prices I’m willing to pay; and, when it’s cheap, I usually hold out for cheaper, or free. (Good things come to those who wait, and that’s the truth.) Thus, when I tell you that I have subscribed to Zenit, the international Catholic news agency, for several years now and read their email dispatches daily, you will be justified in concluding that it must be a good deal. And you will be right. It’s free, in fact. FREE! And for each person I sign up, I get a percentage of the subscription price! (Wait a minute! That’s nothing!) You, your family, and all your friends can also take advantage of the amazing offer outlined below:

Dear Readers,

We are living in hard times. The culture of death is pernicious, widespread and morbid.

However, the world is not all darkness; humanity is not dominated by evil. At St. Paul reminds us, where evil abounds, good abounds all the more.

As you, our readers, know, ZENIT was born precisely to recount the good that gives life and nourishes our civilization. We are not naive. Every day we come face to face with reality and its shadows, but we seek the most beautiful stories — those that nourish hope.

We are absolutely convinced that humanity was created by love to love. We discover this every day, when we come upon and recount to you the many stories of conversion and martyrdom, of acceptance and help for the poor and the sick, of charity, of forgiveness, of peace-building and of human solidarity.

It is these realities that we want to make known. This is the good news that is renewed every day. And it is with such a voice that we intend to continue nourishing hope and making it grow.

Humanity cannot live without hope! Without hope man does not embark upon any journey. With hope, there is a greater chance of bringing good to conquer evil each day.

That’s why we are asking you to help us spread ZENIT. You can give a gift subscription to anyone you wish.

We are not asking for money; we are asking you to go to:

and add the names and e-mail addresses of anyone you think could benefit from ZENIT and its message of hope.

Thanks from the ZENIT team!

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