Something Better than a Diet

I’ve discovered something better than a diet. You see, it’s not the extra weight I mind so much; it’s the way other people react to it that bothers me: the look of horror in the eyes of friends and relatives seeing me for the first time in many years, the sudden gasps they give out like the floor’s just fallen away beneath them. — “Something Better than a Diet,” F.R. Duplantier

Put on a little weight at Thanksgiving? Expecting to put on even more during the Christmas holidays? Resolving to take it off during the new year? Thinking about trying the latest weight-loss craze?

Quit kidding yourself. It’ll never work. The less you eat, the hungrier you’ll get — and then you’ll eat even more and get even fatter. So, forget about dieting and try my amazing plan instead.

If your objective in dieting is not to lose weight but to make a statement, my thematic diets may appeal to you.


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