Our Enemies Are Ruthless. Play Nice.

You hear a lot of talk about conspiracy theories nowadays. It seems like everyone’s being accused of entertaining or promoting them. Conspiracy theorists used to be a rare breed. Now they’re everywhere. It’s the ultimate conspiracy theory.

Why conspiracy theories were ever a taboo topic is hard to understand. After all, there have always been conspiracies, and speculation as to their existence and extent. Moreover, conspiracy theories are just like any other theory: something to be tested and proven or disproven.

There’s a political advocacy group that’s been promoting conspiracy theories for decades, arguing, among other things, that members of the mainstream media and members of the U.S. Congress are largely corrupt and in cahoots to abridge even further what remains of our increasingly restricted rights and liberties.

Their solution? Write to the editors and politicos responsible for these usurpations and share with them your concerns.

Suffice it to say that this approach has proven ineffective for more than sixty years.

What to do? The answer may lie in one of our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence.

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