Last Year’s Leftover Links

The Great College-Degree Scam

What’s the Surgeon General Smoking?

The Sex Crimes of Alfred Kinsey

What Really Happened at the Bay of Pigs

Law Severed from Truth


  1. Response to the first link: The Great College Degree Scam: Not only is it a scam with what the authors mention, but there are two other parts to this devaluation. First, the “education” delivered in that 18 years is less than what used to be delivered in eight to twelve years. Graduates of high school in the 1920’s knew far more than most college graduates today. For instance, most of them could actually read and write. I’ve seen more than enough evidence that such skills are lacking in today’s college graduates. Second, there has been time in school inflation to get the same credentials. For instance, there are many exles from the nineteenth century and before of students having been awarded an MA from Oxford or Cambridge at ages as early as fourteen. Marlowe received his at approximately age 23, comparable to an ambitious graduate of today. But others? As I’ve been reading up as background research for my books, I’ve seen several at 18 or 16 and at least two at 14. How many master’s degrees are awarded at age 14 today?

  2. As for the rest, Link 2: Everyone reading your blog probably already knows how well statism works. Enough said. Link 3: There are people in this world that just need killin’. You’re a father, Bob. Can you even imagine doing something like that for money? Link 4: That is a story that is very important to tell. For instance, had JFK supported the invasion with the air strikes promised, would Vietnam have even happened? Probably, but hearing that some of Ché’s boys were in Vietnam helping to torture our military men does not please me. Link 5: Yep.

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