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Marvin responded to last week’s Obama-themed politickle with this constructive suggestion: “Get a life.” Good advice, certainly, even for a father of six, like me, whose life is pretty full; but, still, it left me wondering what prompted his proffer, so I wrote back: “Was it something in particular that set you off?” No response. An unsolved mystery! (Where’s Robert Stack when you need him?) Assuming that Marvin’s wise counsel concealed a desire to unsubscribe, I reluctantly obliged. Perhaps the prodigal subscriber will return some day.

Later in the week, a more uplifting communique arrived from Odell: “I have not received any politickles for several weeks. Are you too busy? Or are you ill? I pray not, because I cannot function without politickles.”

Both Marvin and Odell have been on my subscribers list for several years, but I don’t know either one personally. Nevertheless — being, to some extent, human — I can’t help feeling more favorably disposed toward Odell. I made sure her address was back on the list (from which it had been mistakenly purged during a recent cleansing) and assured her that, like the U.S. mail, the Weekly Politickle is, and always has been, delivered rain or shine:

I’ve been sending out a politickle every week for 10+ years now and have never been too busy or too sick to get one out. So, if and when production really does stop, please say a prayer for the repose of my soul.

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