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A Christmas Poem . . . A Visit From the Christ Child

Do-Gooders, Reform Yourselves!
A nation’s legal system can be just, or it can be philanthropic, but it cannot be both.
Danger of `Vague Humanitarianism’
Socialism makes no economic or intellectual sense. How, then, do we explain its continuing appeal?
Reds Wage ‘Peace’ to Conquer West
Dramatic reforms in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union signaled the end of the Cold War and ushered in an era of peace, right? Not necessarily. One former KGB agent says the whole thing’s a charade.
UN Seeks Global Taxing Authority
The fat cats at the United Nations are tired of relying on the generosity of member countries. They want to bypass sovereign governments and tax the people of the world directly!
Bilingual Education Boondoggle
Bilingual education is a bureaucratic boondoggle that is isolating immigrant children from the rest of American society and relegating them to a life of second-class citizenship.
Peace Prize for Pugwash Pacifists?
This year’s Nobel Peace Prize speaks volumes about the dubious politics of the Nobel Committee.
Medical Savings Accounts a Must!
The most important section of the Republicans’ Medicare reform bill is Medical Savings Accounts.
Middle Class is Our “Golden Mean”
The Greek philosopher Aristotle analyzed the benefits and disadvantages of various forms of government. His comments on the nature of democracies are especially valuable to Americans.
What Our Founding Fathers Gave Us
The Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution incorporate the wisdom of the ages. They are a gift to us from our Founding Fathers.


Mini-Neutron Bombs Pose Threat
The technology now exists to create miniature neutron bombs no bigger than a baseball, and the implications for terrorism are ominous.
English Must Be Official Language
Fill in the blank in the following sentence: The official language of the United States of America is _____. If you said English, you’re absolutely wrong.
Selling Rope To Hang Ourselves
Communist leader Vladimir Lenin reputedly predicted that Western capitalists would sell the communists the rope they would use to hang us. Recent events suggest that he may have been right.
Stop Taxpayer-Subsidized Lobbying!
The U.S. Government awards more than $39 billion a year in grants to advocacy groups that most Americans would not support, if given a choice.
“Diversity” Threatens Our Liberty
Multiculturalism is the pet theory of academicians and policy planners, but the diversity they celebrate often leads to social conflict, which retards economic progress and restricts personal freedom.
We Made a Wrong Turn Somewhere
Noted journalist and author John T. Flynn warned more than 50 years ago that America was headed down “the road to Socialism.”
Ignoring the Many Shades of White
The debate over affirmative action and the alleged disparity in opportunities for whites and blacks overlooks one thing — not all blacks are alike, and neither are all whites.
States Reject Unfunded Mandates
Now that Washington is making them pay for the ride, state governments have decided that they want to get off the federal gravy train.
The Best Way to Show Appreciation
Thanksgiving is a day set aside to show appreciation for the blessings we have received, but gratitude doesn’t always come easily.


Abolish The Legal Services Corp.
Washington DC is overrun by vampires all year long — not just on Halloween. Lawyers and lobbyists flock there to suck the lifeblood out of our economy.
Flat Tax Boosts Housing Industry
Even though it would eliminate the tax deduction for interest on home mortgages, Congressman Dick Armey says his proposed flat tax would be a boon to the housing industry in America.
Goals 2000 Usurps Parental Role
Goals 2000 will tranform parents into “state-approved guardians of their own children,” working under the “constant supervison and guidance of psychologists, social workers, and other ‘experts.'”
HMOs Dangerous to Your Health
Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) are growing rapidly. And so is the evidence that the managed care they provide is not all it should be.
Support For ABM Treaty Is Waning
Our representatives in Washington may finally summon the courage to withdraw from the obsolete Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and renounce the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction.
Cleaning The Air By Driving a Car!
Wouldn’t it be great if driving a car made the air cleaner instead of dirtier? Believe it or not, someone’s already developed the technology to make this paradoxical pipedream a reality.
Property and the Environment
The federal government has undermined private property rights in the name of the environment, but protecting the environment and protecting the rights of landowners go hand in hand.
Repeal The Postal Monopoly Now!
One out of five first-class letters entrusted to the United States Postal Service arrives late. The zip code is now four digits longer, but the Postal Service is showing less and less zip.
Social Security’s Baby-Boomer Bust
Politicians pander to senior citizens when they say Social Security is sacrosanct. They know very well what will happen when the baby boomers are drawing benefits instead of paying taxes.
Deadbeat Diplomats Owe Millions
United Nations ambassadors and their embassies owe U.S. banks, landlords, and merchants more than $9 million, and some have been delinquent on their debts for more than two years!
UN Leaks Endanger U.S. Security
President Clinton has taken steps to protect U.S. classified intelligence against moles like Aldrich Ames. Leaks resulting from lax security at the United Nations, however, don’t seem to concern him.
Why Army Specialist New Said No
U.S. Army Specialist Michael New decided to risk the possibility of court martial, dishonorable discharge, and a prison term rather than wear the UN insignia on his uniform.
Treaty Undermines Parents’ Rights
The UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child would override the U.S. Constitution, giving the federal government power over children that supersedes the rights of parents.
NAFTA and GATT Hurt U.S. Economy
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) are wreaking havoc on the U.S. economy, but it’s not too late to save our sovereignty.

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