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May 2, 1999

Economic Insights On The Environment
“Study of the environment must be grounded in critical thinking rather than on the vagaries of compassion, guilt, or fear.”
Free-Market Environmentalism Works
Who takes better care of the environment — Uncle Sam, or individual property owners? The answer may surprise you.
My Unshakeable Faith In Providence
My mother and father were both writers, and I planned from my youth to follow in their footsteps.

April 25, 1999

Public Schools Mold Happy Taxpayers
Public school students may not learn how to read and write, but they do get indoctrinated in the alleged benefits of the income tax and the socialistic programs it finances.
Defending Family, Faith, and Fertility
People of diverse faiths are coming together to protect their families against the self-fulfilling prophets of deprivation and destruction.
Funding Needed For Biotech Research
Private philanthropy started the first Green Revolution. Now it’s needed to help carry forward the second one.

April 18, 1999

Do Public Schools Undermine Families?
If a selfish and ruthless elite wanted to transform a free nation into a society of slaves, how would they go about it? Would they not begin by subverting the educational system?
Where Is The Outrage of The Feminists?
They were never the champions of women that they claimed to be — and now, at long last, American feminists have been exposed as the heartless, self-centered socialists that they really are.
Are U.S. Elites Anti-Christian Bigots?
Few Christians in America are aware of the persecution that their fellow believers face around the world, and fewer still realize that our own government often encourages it.

April 11, 1999

America Should Defend Itself First!
If Bill Clinton and the Democrats care so much about “the children,” why have they left them defenseless for two decades?
Corporate Welfare Costs $65 Billion!
“Today, the American Dream is being eroded by the ever-increasing burden of federal, state, and local taxes, which consume a whopping 35 percent of our national output.”
Private Actions, Public Consequences
We may try to keep private vices hidden, but they take an inexorable toll on our characters, which will be exposed, in all their shabbiness, in moments of crisis.

April 4, 1999

Clinton Wants More Secrets to Sell
We hate to be cryptic, but sometimes it’s necessary!
Environmental Quality Is Improving!
Environmental quality in both the United States and Canada is improving, not deteriorating.
Criminals Go To Jail, Crime Goes Down
If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. That’s an adage that would-be lawbreakers take to heart, when the likelihood of arrest and punishment increases.

March 28, 1999

Resisting The Allure of Pop Culture
Parents and children must resist the evil influences of popular culture together.
Teachers Unions Foster Mediocrity
The biggest obstacle to educational reform is teachers unions. They’re also the biggest obstacle to teacher satisfaction.
“Beck Rights” Can Mean Big Refunds
All employees are entitled to receive a refund of any portion of union dues that is spent on purposes other than contract negotiation.

March 21, 1999

Sue The Mayors Suing The Gun Makers
Having successfully shaken down the tobacco industry, unscrupulous politicians have now set their sights on gun manufacturers.
Nonprofit, Nongovernmental, Nonstop
Everyone has a say in the public interest — except the public!
Repeal All Unconstitutional Laws!
If Republicans in Congress have so much respect for ‘the rule of law,” let them prove it by rescinding all unconstitutional legislation.

March 14, 1999

Trust Clinton With Social Security?
Bill Clinton doesn’t trust us to invest our own retirement funds. The question is, can we trust him?
International Court Offers No Appeal
How’d you like to get a subpoena to appear before a court in the Netherlands? Your rights as a U.S. citizen won’t do you any good over there.
Another Look At The Best Books of 1998
National defense, personal defense, and private enterprise were subjects of some of last year’s best books.

March 7, 1999

Complications From Vaccinations
Why give children vaccines for a disease they’ll never get?
Smokey The Bear Exposed As Firebug!
The U.S. Forest Service spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year fighting forest fires enflamed by its own incompetence.
Bring Those Friendly Skies To Earth
Flying the friendly skies is easy enough. It’s negotiating the hostile environment on the ground in the terminals that gets dicey.

February 28, 1999

Trash the Treaty & Defend America!
Until the outdated 1972 ABM Treaty is declared dead, says Jesse Helms, “we will never be able to deploy a nationwide missile defense that will provide real security for the American people.”
There’s No Longer Any Need For NATO
“NATO has turned from being a preeminent warrior to being a most interfering nanny.”
Have Educators Become Emasculators?
By stifling natural tendencies, progressive education has deprived young men of academic achievement, consigning them to lives of failure and frustration.

February 21, 1999

White House Condoning Green Terror?
Do environmental terrorists have a friend in the White House?
A Sensible Way To Discourage Terrorism
One way to reduce terrorist attacks on American lives and property is to stop meddling in the internal affairs of foreign nations.
What’s That Expensive Diploma Worth?
A college education is not “the only way to get ahead in the high-tech economy.”

February 14, 1999

Don’t Let Banks Butt Into Your Business!
You have only three weeks left to protest the federal government’s latest attack on your personal privacy.
Clinton Wants To Be First American King
When Congress thwarts his will, Bill Clinton resorts to executive orders.
U.S. Military Ignores Lessons Of The Past
How can our armed forces expect to win the wars of the future if they refuse to learn the lessons of the past?

February 7, 1999

Bill, You May Need Social Security Too!
The time is right for privatizing Social Security: The system is heading for collapse, and the American people want something better.
There Is No Virtue In Coerced Charity
“Generosity is a moral virtue that cannot flourish in a welfare state. . . . It will, however, flourish in a free society.”
Please Join Us in The March of Freedom
You might be a giant too, but you’ll never know if you don’t get involved.

January 31, 1999

Does The White House Have A Rat Problem?
Have Bill Clinton and Al Gore jeopardized national security in return for illegal foreign contributions?
Out The Window: Duty, Honor, Country
Today’s military leaders “serve only themselves and their careers.”
Guns Save Thousands of Lives Each Year
Thousands of Americans would die each year — if not for the guns they use to protect themselves.

January 24, 1999

Import Subsidies Undermine U.S. Industry
“Until the United States bars all subsidized imports from our shores, the suicidal deindustrialization of America will continue.”
Everyone’s Quoting The Constitution!
The impeachment of President Clinton has focused attention on our nation’s founding documents, the Declaration and the Constitution.
The Constitutional Powers of Congress
The U.S. Constitution vests the most important powers in the Congress, not in the Presidency.

January 17, 1999

Senate Can Reaffirm The Rule of Law
Will the Senate “strengthen” the Constitution, as the House has done?
Our President Cannot Be Above The Law
“We cannot have one law for the ruler and another law for the ruled.”
Except To Save The Life of The Mother
Mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade with this account of an unborn baby who saved her mother’s life.

January 10, 1999

Government is Planet’s Prime Polluter
No matter how plentiful energy resources ever are, you can bet that some grim busybody will launch a campaign to reduce our usage.
Nongovernmental Organization? Right!
Are nongovernmental organizations representing your interests before the United Nations? They certainly claim to be!
Real Reason Good People Shun Politics
“Honorable people avoid politics because they are revolted by the prospect of behaving indecently.”

January 3, 1999

Social Security System Is For Suckers
There are plenty of good moral arguments to be made in favor of privatizing Social Security.
FEMA: Funds To Elect Murray Again?
Does the Federal Emergency Management Agency really respond to natural disasters, or does FEMA merely serve as a conduit for political payoffs?
Courts Are Urged To Reject Bad Science
“Efforts by the court system to weed out unreliable scientific testimony and by the American Medical Association to sanction physicians who testify falsely should help correct a litigation crisis.”

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