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December 27, 1998

Population Is No Problem For Optimists
Healthy economies require growing populations. Each new life is another asset, not another burden.
A Natural Entrepreneurial Advantage
Do you know who the natural entrepreneurs are, the kids whose unique personal circumstances empower them with business savvy? You’d be surprised!
Forget About Survival Of The Fittest
Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If not, here’s something to think about as you do.

December 20, 1998

Intolerance Is Epitome Of Compassion
There’s a big difference between helping someone and merely thinking that you’re helping him!
Confronting Life’s Ultimate Question
“God or Man?” That, said Whittaker Chambers, is “the most revolutionary question in history.”
Secular Humanists Abhor The Faithful
Secular humanists believe in free thinking — except for people of faith.

December 13, 1998

Clean Up Government With “Pledge”
There’s nothing wrong with America that a little personal integrity can’t fix!
Electronic Spy Network Hears All
If we give up all our liberties to fight terrorism, what have we gained?
The Barbarians Are Inside The Gates
When the good and the bad are considered equivalent, which will we get more of?

December 6, 1998

One Of The Century’s Great Heroes
Augusto Pinochet is the Ronald Reagan of Chile. That’s why the Left hates him so much!
What The Opinion Polls Really Mean
If you think Bill Clinton’s still riding high in the polls, you’re reading the wrong polls!
Clinton Scandals Sap Esprit De Corps
How secure can America be when our armed forces don’t respect our Commander-in-Chief?

November 29, 1998

Don’t Be Browbeaten Into “Consensus”
You’re entitled to an opinion — and a professional facilitator will be happy to provide one for you.
Voluntarily Forfeiting Our Humanity
Branding has long been a way to mark a beast, but it may soon become a way to mark humans as well.
What Our Children Need Is Apparent
It’s kind of hard to stay inside the lines when the lines have become invisible.

November 22, 1998

Gratitude Can Be Real Or Counterfeit
The world is awash in gratitude, especially during Thanksgiving week, but how much of it is real?
What Kind Of Attitude Is Ingratitude?
Celebrating Thanksgiving every year helps us to avoid ingratitude.
Gratitude For The Greatest Gift Of All
Gratitude means more than just saying thanks.

November 15, 1998

TWA Flight 800 Shot Down By Terrorists
Rejecting the FBI coverup, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calls for a Congressional investigation to determine the true cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800.
Green With Environmentalism & Envy
Beware of gushing expressions of environmental concern. They’re often motivated by dollar signs.
Crime Goes Down As Punishment Goes Up
Guess why the crime rate’s gone down in America. It’s because more criminals are being punished!

November 8, 1998

Let’s Celebrate “World Freedom Day”
November 9th is the anniversary of the most important event in modern history. You lived through it yourself, and you probably don’t even know what it is!
Abusive IRS Agents Must Be Prosecuted
Congressional hearings documented IRS abuses, but, so far, no one’s been punished for them!
Cryptography Deters Crime, Espionage
Will improvements in encryption technology facilitate crime, or impede it?

November 1, 1998

President’s Perjury Must Be Punished
It’s a simple question, but how we as a nation answer it could determine the future of our free republic: Should the President be above the laws that ordinary citizens must obey?
America’s Future Does Depend On You!
The reporters and the pundits of the mainstream press just don’t get it, do they?
Become A Master Of Alternative Media!
There are greeting cards for all kinds of people and for all sorts of occasions — even for conservative activists to voice their opinions!

October 25, 1998

It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Corruption
Has Bill Clinton turned the White House into the headquarters for “a criminal enterprise”?
Did Clinton Use FBI & IRS To Punish Foes?
“President Clinton’s pattern of using government agencies and their files to harass and intimidate . . . his political adversaries apparently extends to the Internal Revenue Service.”
Breaching Security For Campaign Cash
“Even more troubling than the revelations about the unlawful sale of seats on Commerce Department trade missions in exchange for campaign contributions . . . is evidence of likely national security breaches.”

October 18, 1998

Social Security Reform Is Unavoidable
Social Security reform is not only necessary; it’s unavoidable!
Anti-Poverty Programs Cause Crime!!!
The War on Poverty is over. We lost. Now, let’s go back to the kind of charity that works.
Conservatism vs. Environmentalism
“The debate about the environment is not about whether we should protect it, but how we should protect it.”

October 11, 1998

End The Era of Big Government, Finally
Maybe the next Congress will make good on the promise to end the era of big government.
Deregulate! Deregulate! Deregulate!
Deregulation has dramatically improved American competitiveness. Let’s have more.
Reviving A Reaganite Foreign Policy
“Serious threats to national security exist, and important decisions are being made without much input from Congress and the American people.”

October 4, 1998

Russian Bailout Will Prolong Problems
Russia’s economic problems can only be solved by Russia.
Cities Need Safe Streets, Good Schools
The federal experience with urban revitalization is one of sustained and costly failure.
Look For Good Art Outside Galleries
Avant-gardism may dominate the world of fine art, but the truly creative work nowadays can be found in popular and commercial genres.

Sept. 28, 1998

A Pretext For National Disarmament?
Global warming may not be a serious threat, but the Global Warming Treaty sure is!
Scarcity or Abundance: It’s Our Choice!
High-yield agriculture has saved a billion people from starvation and as much as 20 million square miles of wildlands from low-yield farming.
Duty and Honor, Alien Concepts to Bill
It may come as a surprise to Bill Clinton, but some people just can’t be bought.

Sept. 21, 1998

Proud to Be an Unhyphenated American
Are you an African-American, a European-American, an Asian-American — or just a plain old American?
Federal Lands Could Produce Profits
With the right incentives our federal land management agencies could be a source of wealth to all Americans.
Virginia Bureaucrats Grab for Power
Politicians all over America keep coming up with clever plans for disenfranchising the electorate.

Sept. 14, 1998

Temporary Staffing , a Working Option
Temporary staffing can be an ideal solution for companies and workers who value flexibility.
A New Great Awakening in America?
Is the malignant influence of the 1960s finally coming to an end? Let’s hope so!
Trade with China Empowers its Tyrants
Is trade with China good for America? Is it even good for China?

Sept. 7, 1998

Comparing Clinton to Nixon and to Hiss
If there’s one thing that terrifies the Clintons and sends their spinners into hyperdrive, it is the comparison to Richard Nixon and Watergate.
Shakedown of Big Tobacco Companies
Senator John McCain’s tobacco control bill went down in flames in June; will it rise from the ashes in the next legislative session?
Gleason’s Farewell: How Sweet it Was!
Jackie Gleason achieved the American Dream by playing characters trying to do just that.

August 31, 1998

Federal Subsidies Promote Art Failure
Without grants from the National Endowment for the Arts to shelter them from reality, writers and artists might learn how to produce something of value.
The Epitome of “Relevance”: Hip-Hop 101
Shouldn’t schools teach students something they don’t already know, or is that asking too much?
Teachers Union Promotes Perversion
The National Education Association doesn’t represent the best interests of students; it doesn’t even represent the teachers that make up its membership!

August 24, 1998

Citizen Kaye Proposes “Bill of Wrongs”
Our U.S. Constitution incorporates a Bill of Rights. Maybe it should also include a Bill of Wrongs!
Access Is The Key to Pro-Life Victory!
Don’t let the continuing judicial and legislative set-backs get you down. The fact is, the pro-life movement is winning.
Milwaukee Parents Reject Relativism
In the schools and neighborhoods of inner-city Milwaukee, a great citizen insurrection is even now underway.

August 17, 1998

PROP. 13 Inspired Modern Conservatives
Was Barry Goldwater the father of the modern conservative movement, or was it Howard Jarvis?
Cold War Was a Battle of Ideas? Duh!
Historians are providing a more accurate perspective on the Cold War, now that it’s over.
Common Law Protects Better than EPA
Before the EPA got into the act, pollution controls were provided by the common law.

August 10, 1998

Are You Ready for the Paradigm Shift?
Forget “liberal” versus “conservative.” We’re in the midst of an historic realignment of political partisans.
Bob Edwards, You’re Being Monitored!
Why would any self-respecting conservative tune in to “Morning Edition” on National Public Radio?
Conspiracy Is a Common Phenomenon
The only thing crazier than believing in conspiracies is not believing in them!

August 3, 1998

Please Read the Great American Novel
Some pundits were surprised to see Gone With the Wind ranked fourth in the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 best American-made movies. Perhaps that’s because they’ve never seen the picture, or read the book.
Uncle Sam Wants to Take over Zoning
The American Heritage Rivers Initiative is just a fancy name for federal zoning.
Have We Taken Leave of Our Census?
Democrats aren’t satisfied rigging ballot boxes. Now they want to rig the Census too.

July 27, 1998

Clinton Advisors Opposed Transfers
The nuclear arms race between India and Pakistan stems from technology transfers to China authorized by Bill Clinton.
Driver’s License to Be National I.D. Card
Americans have never had to carry the internal passports required in communist countries. Soon we will.
How to Deal with Truancy: Legalize It!
Instead of making kids go to school, why not make the schools worth going to?

July 20, 1998

Clinton Arms China, Blocks U.S. Defense
China’s nuclear and missile aid to Pakistan has ratcheted up tensions across the subcontinent, sparked a dangerous arms race, and increased the prospects of a nuclear war.
A-B-C and 1-2-3 are giving way to O.B.E.
Teachers used to convey knowledge; now they instill attitudes.
Power to the People in 21ST Century
A global tax revolt is brewing. To prevent it from boiling over, governments will, as a last resort, finally turn to the free market.

July 13, 1998

U.S. Is Vulnerable to Biological Attack
The United States faces the nightmarish possibility that terrorist groups would seek to cause mass casualties by unleashing biological agents on U.S. soil.
More Martyrs Now than Ever Before
The persecution of Christians that characterized the French Revolution continues to this day.
“Conspiracy of Silence” on Beck Rights
Labor leaders of the past publicly defended the right of workers not to join unions. Not so, their successors.

July 6, 1998

President Clinton’s Admission of Guilt
It’s amazing how revealing a person’s remarks can be, if you pay attention to what he’s really saying.
The “Amateur” Who Scoops the “Pros”
He has scooped the national news media time after time, but cyberscribe Matt Drudge gets no respect from so-called “professional” journalists.
Where’s Aldo? Gore’s Gone AWOL on Y2K
Have you seen this man? He’s tall, stern, repetitious in speech and goes by the name of Mr. Vice President. He was last seen driving a Millennium Bug down an exit ramp on the Information Superhighway.

June 29, 1998

Stifling the “Free Exercise” of Religion
Our United States Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
Gun Rights & Privacy Rights Targeted
Any excuse will do for advocates of gun control — even tragedies like the recent school shootings.
Fair Trials & Due Process Threatened
When the roles of prosecutor, judge, and jury are combined in one person or body, the rights of citizens are no longer secure.

June 22, 1998

Clinton Is Just like Nixon, Only Luckier
What keeps Bill Clinton’s poll ratings so high? It’s the economy, stupid!
Why Are Teachers Teaching this Stuff?
Multiculturalism destroys civic pride, sex education promotes promiscuity, and we wonder why our kids are so screwed up!
Lesson Plan: Anything but Knowledge
The early decades of this century forged the central educational fallacy of our time: that one can think without having anything to think about.

June 15, 1998

A Bronx Cheer For Professional Scolds
There’s nothing scientific about the Center for Science in the Public Interest, nor does the Center have any interest in the interests of the public.
Wanted: Honest, Courageous Leaders
When letters took a month by sea and the records of the United States government could be moved in a single wagon pulled by two horses, we had great statesmen.
Great Art Presupposes a Moral Artist
The art of Jasper Cropsey serves not only as a reminder of artistic excellence, but as a touchstone for those values of transcendence, virtue, beauty, and civitas that once were commonly shared by most Americans.

June 8, 1998

Burton Blasts Ongoing Obstructionism
The American people have a right to see those who are responsible for criminal acts of political corruption exposed and brought to justice.
Redeeming the Republican Congress
The Republican majority 105th Congress stands as a great disappointment to the people who elected it.
Russians Gaining Freedom as We Lose it
If things keep going the way they’re going, the people in Russia will soon have more freedom than we do.

June 1, 1998

PROP. 226 Is Genuine Campaign Reform
How’s this for campaign finance reform? Let’s stop labor leaders from spending union dues for political purposes opposed by their members.
No Defense Against Ballistic Lawyers
A permanent International Criminal Court is such a bad idea that only a dome-pated State Department bureaucrat could possibly be in favor of it.
Apply RICO to Ecological Racketeers
“Will our elected officials cower in the corner as eco-terrorists enforce their demented vision on the nation through violence and intimidation?”

May 25, 1998

Prop. 226 Will Protect Union Members
California voters will soon get the chance to protect union workers from the abuses of their own unions.
Pension Systems must Be Privatized
Pay-as-you go pension systems around the world are collapsing under their own weight.
Religion Always Influences Politics
Religion has always played a part in politics, and always will.

May 18, 1998

Hey Network News, Broadcast This!
The President’s approval ratings might not be so high if the network news programs bothered to report on the real scandals.
A Flat Tax for Anyone Who Wants It!
The flat tax will become the law of the land in the United States only if and when Americans are free to choose it.
It Doesn’t Get Any Flatter than Zero
Forget the flat tax. Let’s go back to the system our Founding Fathers favored: no income tax at all!

May 11, 1998

Prescription for Health: Family Life
Americans all want better health and cheaper health care. Why, then, do so many of us neglect the one regimen that guarantees both?
Pass the Word: AARP Betrays Seniors!
The American Association of Retired Persons represents the interests of senior citizens, right? Not necessarily. Sometimes, it actively opposes them.
You must Get Permission to Leave!
Rather than correct the problems — like crime, decay, and overtaxation — that cause urban exodus, some big-city officials want to outlaw suburbs instead!

May 4, 1998

How Public Schools Can Save Money
Modern management techniques offer many opportunities to improve the quality of public schools without spending more money.
Are We Now Reverting to Barbarism?
First we discovered that Johnny can’t read. Then we learned that he can’t calculate either. Now we find that Johnny can’t even tell right from wrong.
Mother Is a Counterrevolutionary
The social planners trying to take over our public schools have underestimated the American Mom!

April 27, 1998

There’s No Excuse for Not Defending
America could be invulnerable to missile attack, if only our leaders had the moral fiber to establish a proper defense.
Bill Clinton, American Totalitarian
It can’t happen here! Or can it? Is America on the road to a totalitarian revolution?
Marxism Doesn’t Work, Markets do
There’ll never be a better system than free exchange!

April 20, 1998

China to Control the Panama Canal
Do we really want our most dangerous potential enemy controlling the Panama Canal?
Prez Promotes a Medical Monopoly
Congress should promote competition in health-care and reject the President’s monopolistic, one-size-fits-all approach.
Environmental Protection Racket
The environment has gotten cleaner since the founding of the Environmental Protection Agency, but the EPA had nothing to do with it!

April 13, 1998

Constitutional Limits on Taxation
If three-fourths of all Americans favor constitutional limits on taxation, why don’t we have them?
Workers Can Negotiate Own Wages
If teenagers or retirees are willing to work for less than the minimum wage, what right does the government have to stop them?
Please Post this in Your Union Hall
Unions rarely tell their members about the refunds they’re entitled to.

April 6, 1998

Clinton Sets Bad Example for Kids
News reports about the President of the United States are now preceded by parental advisories.
Honest History Can Inspire Humility
To deny students history . . . is to alienate them from their community, nation, culture, and species.
Antitrust Laws Counterproductive
As with so many other government rules and regulations, anti-trust law turns out to be just another weapon for politically favored companies to use against their competitors.

March 30, 1998

Write Now: Communication for Kids
Parents can teach their own children how to read, if they want to. They can also teach them how to write.
Write Now: More Tips for Children
Don’t assume that your children will learn how to write in school; teach them yourself.
Developing an Ear for Grammar
Your child may have an ear for music, but does he have an ear for grammar?

March 23, 1998

Watch Out For “The Clinton Creep”
If you think President Clinton’s denials are misleading, try parsing his State of the Union address.
Mandates: Politician, Heal Thyself!
Most of the problems with health care today stem from government involvement. More government involvement is not the answer.
Beware Politics of Meaninglessness
You can tell a lot about a person’s mind by the way he speaks or writes.

March 16, 1998

Balancing Combatants in the Balkans
Will the U.S. continue its present, ill-fated approach to the conflict in Bosnia, or will it resort to other options more likely to succeed?
Why Was Ron Brown Not Autopsied?
Ron Brown’s “deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton-Gore administration” and his status as “the target of the independent counsel’s probe” make his sudden death at the very least suspicious.
Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone!
Catholic Charities, in becoming one of the country’s largest social-service contractors for the state, has been forced to abandon a significant part of its original faith-based mission.

March 9, 1998

Right to Bear Arms Reserved for G-Men?
The right of private citizens to keep and bear arms is constantly being circumscribed. The federal government, meanwhile, is arming their own employees at a drastic rate.
Bailouts Only Delay Day of Reckoning
Foreign bailouts by the IMF and the U.S. Treasury only delay the day of reckoning.
Modern Art: Uninspired and Uninspiring
The modern artist seeks only to shock; he is neither inspired nor inspiring.

March 2, 1998

Day-Care Centers Favored over Parents
President Clinton’s plan to enlarge and enrich the U.S. day-care industry is discriminatory and fails to address the real wants and needs of parents and children.
Credit for Prosperity Goes to Reagan
Bill Clinton is not responsible for the prosperity we enjoy in America today — Ronald Reagan is!
Homeschoolers: Pariahs to Paragons
Homeschooling, with minimal government interference, has produced literate students at a fraction of the cost of any government program.

February 23, 1998

President’s Poor Use of Intelligence
Why have America’s intelligence agencies abandoned their traditional mission?
Home Ownership’s a Reward, Not a Right
Public funds cannot long sustain neighborhoods for which there is little private demand and in which there is little individual investment of money, labor, and love.
The Perils & Pitfalls of Urban Planning
HUD is an agency whose establishment was unnecessary, whose purview is of questionable constitutionality, and whose goals can be better met through the private housing industry.

February 16, 1998

Plato to NATO: the Idea of the West
Have we reached the end of history, or is it just getting started?
Mr. Clinton’s Presumptuous Proposals
What drives the Clinton child-care proposals? The assumption that parents can’t be trusted, because they are just too ignorant and too incapable of caring properly for their children.
Emasculation of American Education
Everyone agrees that our public school system needs overhauling, but why does each new reform only make matters worse?

February 9, 1998

Klayman’s Crusade Against Corruption
America deserves to know if Bill Clinton and Al Gore committed election fraud against the American people, and if they compromised national security by selling out America to a hostile power.
A New Step on the Road to Euthanasia
The United Seniors Association has filed a lawsuit to overturn a new Medicare law that prohibits doctors from contracting privately with elderly patients.
Kyoto Treaty Threatens U.S. Security
White House support for a global warming treaty is impervious to facts or logic.

February 2, 1998

Congress Should Call Our Troops Home
Congress could call our troops home from Bosnia, if it only had the will.
Hollywood Ten Were Stalin’s Stooges
There is no excuse for the despicable behavior of “The Hollywood Ten.” They should be denounced, not celebrated.
Best Books of 1997 Deserve Second Look
Here’s a brief review of some of the best books published last year.

January 26, 1998

Families Get a Bum Rap from Textbooks
Recently published textbooks on marriage and the family consistently ignore “the positive benefits of marriage to both sexes.”
Concealed-Carry Allows Self-Defense
The evidence is in: Concealed-carry laws are a big success. Law-abiding citizens can now defend themselves, and would-be criminals had better think twice.
Can’t Find Fault with Concealed-Carry
Arguments against “concealed-carry” and “shall-issue” gun-licensing laws are easily countered.

January 19, 1998

Ruby Ridge Matters to All Americans
“Justice Department officials have repeatedly lied about the circumstances of Ruby Ridge.”
Patient Needs a Bill, Not a Bill of Rights
“Government-set standards and mandates on access to certain doctors and services will lead only to greater costs, lower quality, and ever-increasing numbers of uninsured.”
Protect the Family from the ‘Village’
“The modern liberal mind . . . is in a fundamental way hostile to the family.”

January 12, 1998

Ford Foundation Is Gaga for Globalism
Why is the Ford Foundation so keen on promoting global government?
Donors Feed The Mouth That Bites Them
The National Organization for Women owes the success of its “angry quest for power and control” in part to the grants it receives from the very corporations and foundations it attacks.
NATO Expansion Is Fraught with Peril
Expansion of NATO to include Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic could “embroil the United States in low-level conflicts that have little importance to American interests.”

January 5, 1998

Global Gun Ban Is Prelude to Tyranny
The UN wants to confiscate our guns in 1998!
Some like it Hot, Some like it Cold, Etc.
“Scientists don’t know how climate variability depends on CO2, or if it does at all.”
Let’s Go Back to the Original Recipe
“The ingredients that have created America as we know it are being gradually replaced.”

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