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Week of December 1, 1996

Forget Reinventing, Start Cutting!
If, as the President tells us, the era of Big Government is over, why doesn’t it seem to be getting any smaller?
Opportunity Instead Of Entitlement
The solution to poverty lies not with government, but with the private sector, or “civil society.”
Subsidization Of Self-Destruction
Some people are poor and downtrodden because that’s the way they want to be!  

Week of December 8, 1996

Kevorkian Could Balance Budget
Shutting down all unnecessary government agencies would certainly help balance the federal budget.
Social Security Undermines Families
The best argument against the Social Security System is that it is morally indefensible.
Foundation Pushes Globalist Agenda
The following editorial is not made possible by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. That’s because their views are not compatible with ours.  

Week of December 15, 1996

World Government By The Year 2000?
“The UN-funded Commission on Global Governance has completed its three-year study and has now announced publicly its plans to implement global governance by the year 2000.”

Wage Hike Raises The Hurdle Higher
Making the transition from welfare to workforce would have been hard enough for the unemployed Americans who will be moved off of public assistance over the next two years. Raising the minimum wage, however, has made their prospects even dimmer.
Coerced Giving Is Not True Charity
The Christian concept of charity is not, and was never intended to be, a defense for the welfare state.  

Week of December 22, 1996

Please, Come Home For Christmas!
If successful business people have a common flaw, it is not greed or selfishness, but a zeal to serve society even at the expense of personal and family needs.
The Deadly Legacies Of Materialism
Communism may be in decline, but the legacies of materialistic thinking continue to plague society.
Hiss, The Communist Conspirator
1996 marks the end of a half-century charade: Alger Hiss’s insistence on an insupportable innocence.  

Week of December 29, 1996

Test Ban Treaty Threatens Security
By promoting a zero-yield comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty and scaling back our nuclear weapons infrastructure, the Clinton administration is weakening our nation’s nuclear deterrent.
Crack & The Communist Connection
“How is it possible to fight an effective war on drugs if the major forces and players are not recognized?”
Bureaucrats Versus Entrepreneurs
“No fewer than 73 pages in the Official Directory of the City of New York list various types of licenses, permits, or other forms of certification that one may need to own or operate a business. . . .” 

Week of November 3, 1996

Why Men Support Abortion “Rights”
“The real winners in the sexual revolution are men — the wrong sort of men. And abortion is their cause more than anyone else’s, even if they prefer to let the feminists do most of the talking.”
Affirmative Action Foments Bigotry
“It is . . . a logical fallacy to assume that one race, sex, or ethnic group can be preferred without another being disadvantaged.”
What Happened To Public Schools
Most American parents have no idea what is going on in their children’s public school classrooms. If they did, they’d never send their kids back there again!  

Week of November 10, 1996

Let’s Talk About Who’s Mean-Spirited
Liberals dismiss welfare reform as “mean-spirited,” but what is really mean-spirited — and bigoted — is the liberal idea that certain people are incapable of taking care of themselves.
Getting Washington Out Of Welfare
In the current issue of Policy Review, state officials from California, Mississippi, Texas, and Wisconsin comment on the historic welfare reform legislation recently passed by the 104th Congress.
Union Members Can Demand Refunds
“Workers who once formed the backbone of the American labor movement now find themselves paying higher and higher fees to unions that are paying less and less attention to the real interests of their members.”  

Week of November 17, 1996

A Global Version Of The S&L Debacle
“OPIC is another form of corporate welfare and accomplishes nothing that cannot be performed better in the private sector, without risk to U.S. taxpayers.”
Ideology Blocks Estate Tax Repeal
“The economic cost of the estate tax is many times greater than the revenue it produces.”
Chlorine’s Countless Contributions
Don’t believe all the scary things you hear about chlorine. It happens to be one of the most beneficial chemicals known to man.  

Week of November 24, 1996

Uncle Sam Plans Legal Carjackings
“In the not too distant future, owning a second car, or one that is more than four years old, may be a legal impossibility. . . .”
WARNING: “Big Brother” On Board
You’re driving down the highway when your car stalls suddenly. You haven’t run out of gas, your fuel filter hasn’t clogged up, your electrical system hasn’t failed — it’s just Big Brother doing some back-seat driving.
Demanding Discipline Of Delinquents
Young men embarked on a life of crime and prison time can turn their lives around — if they will stop blaming society for their misfortunes and take responsibility for the mistakes they’ve made. 

Week of October 6, 1996

What The Republicans Accomplished
Was the 104th Congress a failure? A top Washington journalist says the answer is yes — and no!
Repeal Of Speed Limit Will Save Lives
“Repeal of the national speed limit may signal new attitudes in Washington. The law was . . . a one-size-fits-all rule that usurped state responsibility.”
Michael New Calls Order Unlawful
On January 24th of this year, U.S. Army Specialist Michael New was convicted of disobeying a “lawful order,” even though his defense team had evidence proving that the order was not lawful.  

Week of October 13, 1996

Real Solutions To Real Problems
What are the issues presidential and congressional candidates should be discussing? Here’s a sampling.
Income Tax Punishes Self-Reliance
“Americans are suffering from an income tax system that punishes hard work, penalizes thrift, and retards investment.”
Regulation Has Staggering Impact
If federal regulations are meant to protect us, why not get rid of the ones that do us harm?  

Week of October 20, 1996

How Welfare Perpetuates Poverty
“There is a growing consensus that the current welfare system is a disaster, not only for taxpayers who are required to pay ever larger amounts of money to maintain and expand the system, but also for the poor who supposedly are being helped by it.”
Personalized, Quality Health Care
“Americans should no longer be penalized for wanting the security of owning and controlling their own health care.”
A Clear Case Of Dereliction Of Duty
“The most dangerous threat to America today is the proliferation of long-range nuclear missiles that could reach American soil from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, or some other hostile nation.”

 Week of October 27, 1996

Auto Fuel Standards Kill Thousands
Thousands of Americans die in car crashes every year as a direct result of federal fuel standards.
Senator Helms Sets Deadline For U.N.
“The time has come for the United States to deliver an ultimatum: Either the United Nations reforms, quickly and dramatically, or the United States will end its participation.”
The Materialistic Social Safety Net
The liberals have a very materialistic view of what a social safety net consists of — and it’s dead wrong.  

Week of September 1, 1996

Free Trade Spurs Global Crime Wave
“The impact of NAFTA on the sale and distribution of narcotics within the U.S. was felt immediately [with] a sharp rise in marijuana, cocaine, and crack in the streets and schoolyards of our towns and cities.”
Judicial Activism Is On Its Way Out
We’re told that the era of big government is over, but what about the era of judicial activism? When will that end?
What Does The NEA Really Stand For?
The National Education Association, which maintains one of the largest Political Action Committees in the country, donated 99 percent of its PAC money to the Democrats in 1994. It’s important to know, then, where this influential group stands on various issues.  

Week of September 8, 1996

School & State Should Be Separated
The federal government doesn’t run the churches in America. Why should it run the schools?
Are You Environmentally Deficient?
When it comes to environmentalism, the popular wisdom, more often than not, is wrong.
Does Recycling Always Make Sense?
There are over 7000 curbside recycling programs in the United States, with more than 100 million Americans participating. But do these programs work? And are they cost-effective?  

Week of September 15, 1996

Parental Rights Check State Power
“Recognizing the irreplaceable role of parents is essential to keeping the power of the state in check.”
If We Had A Pro-Family Government
“What can government do . . . to make sure that the overwhelming majority of American children grow up with a mother and a father?” In the latest issue of Policy Review, family experts answer that question.
Teen Pregnancy & Statutory Rape
There is one thing we can do about escalating teen pregnancy rates: Prosecute the men responsible, for statutory rape.  

Week of September 22, 1996

Crime-Ridden Union Gets Off Easy
Why did the Clinton Justice Department go so easy on a labor union with acknowledged ties to organized crime?
Judicial Appointments Shape Future
“A president’s judicial legacy . . . will have an enormous impact on liberty and determine whether the unique system created by the founding fathers will survive.”
Does America Need A Gold Standard?
“Gold isn’t just another commodity. Gold is money. Some day an international monetary crisis may rudely awaken us to this reality.”  

Week of September 29, 1996

We Must Maintain Internal Security
America’s Future Chairman Robert Morris served as a naval intelligence officer during World War II, and as chief counsel to the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee in 1950. The former judge, former university president, and renowned geopolitical strategist celebrates his 81st birthday this week!
Vested Interests Criticize MSAs
Why have Medical Savings Accounts become so controversial? Is it because they make so much sense?
If You Want To Be An American . . .
Naturalized American citizens are required to know English. Why, then, are they permitted to vote in their native tongues?  

Week of August 4, 1996

Whitewater Whitewash Won’t Work
“The verdicts in May against President Clinton’s former business partners and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker pushed the Whitewater case back onto the front pages just as the Presidential campaign swings into high gear.”
NAFTA & GATT Undermine Sovereignty
“Most Americans are still living and laboring under the illusion of freedom. But more and more of us know that our freedom has been sold out from under us by a totally corrupt government.”

This Land Is Our Land — Or Used To Be!
Would it surprise you to learn that the United Nations has sovereign control over Yellowstone National Park? Well, it does. The UN, for all practical purposes, owns many of our most historical sites!  

Week of August 11, 1996

Why Dutchmen Don’t Trust Doctors
“Is legalization of assisted suicide a step towards a kinder and gentler society, or is it a major assault on the sanctity of human life?”

No Excuse For Corporate Welfare
“Business research and development should be paid for by stockholders, not U.S. taxpayers.”

School To Parents: We Own Your Kids
On March 19th of this year, 59 sixth-grade girls at a middle school in East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania were subjected to gynecological exams against their will and without the permission of their parents.  

Week of August 18, 1996

Yes, Bill, Big-Government ERA Is Over!
A noted social commentator says the lesson we will take with us into the next millennium is that “the state has failed. The future is on the side of the liberty of the common man, not the power of the state.”
Public Health vs. Personal Morality
Public health problems in the United States are often exacerbated by the public health establishment.

Seniors Lobby Blocks Needed Reform
“In 1950, there were approximately 16 working-age Americans for every person over age 65. But, by 2030, there will be just two working-age Americans for every person over 65. Far fewer workers will have to support far more retirees. . . .”  

Week of August 25, 1996

Treaty Threatens American Security
Why would anyone object to the banning of chemical weapons? Good question! Here’s the answer.
FDA Is Stifling Medical Innovation
Society offers numerous safeguards against unsafe medical devices, including: consumer awareness, free competition, private testing laboratories, and tort law.
Special Ed: Kids Go In, Don’t Come Out
The budget for special education in New York City schools exceeds $2 billion, for just 135,000 students!  

Week of July 7, 1996

Support For Property Rights Grows
“Property is power. If the government owned or controlled all the property, it would possess all the power.”
Plan Your Own Life, Why Don’t You!
Some people think you don’t know how to spend your own time and money!
Experience Worth More Than Wages
The experience a person gains on the job is often worth far more than the wages he receives.  

Week of July 14, 1996

States Reassert Their Sovereignty
Don’t be frustrated by the slow pace of political reform in our nation’s capital. Take heart in the rapid progress being made by our sovereign states.
Class Consciousness Self-Defeating
“Americans have always thought of themselves as equals. Even today, almost every American other than the extremely poor or rich considers himself or herself to be part of the broad middle class.”
Gambling Breeds Crime, Destruction
“Roughly three-quarters of all Americans now gamble — and they have an abundance of venues from which to try their luck. Presently 48 of the 50 states allow one or more forms of legalized gambling.”  

Week of July 21, 1996

America’s Future Is Fifty Years Old!
America’s future depends on Americans who believe in America. That’s why America’s Future was founded fifty years ago!
Flynn Deplored Creeping Socialism
The former managing editor of the New York Globe, John T. Flynn was a frequent contributor to America’s most prestigious magazines, the bestselling author of several books, and the originator of our Behind The Headlines commentaries.
Big Government Is Freedom’s Enemy
R.K. Scott served as president of America’s Future from 1958 until 1989. For most of those three decades, he was also the author, and voice, of our Behind The Headlines radio commentaries..  

Week of July 28, 1996

Concealed Weapons Increase Safety
“In recent years, the debate over gun policy has been dominated by two federal initiatives: the Brady bill’s waiting period for the purchase of handguns and the ban on so-called assault weapons. [Meanwhile], a quiet revolution in gun policy has spread throughout the states.”
Pesticides Are Good For Our Health
As usual, the mass media have gotten the story completely backwards. Far from threatening our health, the pesticides that control bugs, rodents, and plant disease have proven to be a boon to mankind.
The Countless Benefits Of Business
“The revolutionary ways in which corporations have improved the everyday lives of Americans over the past half-century are rarely recognized.”  

Week of June 2, 1996

Only One Victim Of “McCarthyism”
When liberals accuse conservatives of “McCarthyism,” they’re engaging in the very practice they claim to abhor. They’re employing the infamous smear tactics of innuendo and guilt by association.
Lots Of Choices, But Little Learning
“In demolishing the notion of a relatively stable body of knowledge, a traditional set of disciplines to which developing thinkers must apprentice themselves, [American universities] have invited their students, though half-formed and ill educated, to indulge in a fantasy of their own extravagant powers.”
A New “Great Awakening” In America
There have been three dramatic religious revivals in American history, and some social commentators claim that we are, right now, in the midst of a fourth.  

Week of June 9, 1996

Kinsey Research Needs Investigating
Sex education programs in schools across America are based in part on studies published by Alfred Kinsey in 1948 and 1953 called Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.
Sex Education Or Sexual Seduction?
The Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) applauds the dramatic increase in the number of states that require or recommend sex education in public schools.
When Students Become Guinea Pigs
The education establishment is kicking up a ruckus over a bill that received nearly unanimous support in the House of Representatives. They’re determined to stop the Senate from passing this sensible legislation.  

Week of June 16, 1996

What’s The Point Of Foreign Aid?
The Clinton administration would have us believe that U.S. foreign aid promotes American interests around the globe, but this simply isn’t so. Foreign aid is a luxury we can ill afford, especially when it has adverse consequences.
The True History Of Orphanages
Orphanages filled a void in America for more than a hundred years — until meddling do-gooders decided that these benevolent institutions were inhumane!
Welfare Ignores Spiritual Poverty
Man does not live by bread alone. Why, then, does our welfare system offer nothing more?  

Week of June 23, 1996

Marriage: No Single Thing Like It!
You’d never know it from watching the television show of the same name, but being “married with children” is the happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling lifestyle a person can have.
Ignoring The Bedrock Of Wedlock
A welfare reform plan proposed by the nation’s governors “blithely ignores America’s number-one social problem: the catastrophic rise of illegitimacy.”
One Marriage Not Made In Heaven
Hasn’t the institution of marriage been undermined enough already? Do we really want to risk finishing it off by authorizing same-sex unions?  

Week of June 30, 1996

Anticipating “The Pacific Century”
It’s become faddish in our lifetimes to name each decade according to its defining characteristic. One presumptuous prognosticator has preempted this process by naming an entire century, before it begins.
Big Government Destined For Ashbin
Containing the threat, refuting the notion that its triumph was inevitable, seizing the moral high ground, defunding the enemy — these tactics toppled the Soviet empire and won the Cold War. They could also put an end to Big Government in America.
Getting The Government We Deserve
Has lack of political activism deprived Christians of the political clout that their numbers command? One Christian activist says yes, and challenges his brethren to get involved.          

Week of May 5, 1996

Absolute Free Trade Does Not Exist
Absolute free trade between countries does not exist. With the possible exception of the U.S., all countries manage their trade to serve national interests.
Minorities Reject Racial Preference
More and more minority members are voicing opposition to affirmative action, rejecting the patronizing racial preferences that are supposed to benefit them in college admissions and business employment.

Abolish The Education Department!
During the recent government shutdown, the Department of Education determined that 89 percent of its workforce was “nonessential.” Why, then, are we paying 4500 extra bureaucrats $240 million a year?  

Week of May 12, 1996

“Mystical Quality Of Motherhood”
In 1987, forty years after the incident had occurred, a Canadian doctor told for the first time the story of a patient he had written off as lost.
Sea Treaty Threatens U.S. Security
The Clinton administration is trying to persuade the U.S. Senate to ratify a UN Treaty that Ronald Reagan refused to sign, with good reason, fourteen years ago!

U.S. Presidents “Wrote Off” Soldiers
John M.G. Brown’s comprehensive, thoroughly documented account of American soldiers held captive by the Soviets since 1918 is not available in bookstores, so we offer this excerpt from Moscow Bound.  

Week of May 19, 1996

Big Business Is Promoting Socialism
You’d think that Big Business interests would support free enterprise, but the bulk of their annual corporate giving goes to nonprofit groups promoting increased regulation and higher taxes.
States May Ban Slave-Labor Goods
Legislators in California and Massachusetts are considering bills to prohibit their state governments from buying slave-labor goods.
Curing Normal Childhood Behavior
The Chuck E Cheese pizza chain bills itself as the place “where a kid can be a kid.” Elementary school used to be such a place, but not anymore.  

Week of May 26, 1996

Reform Must Link Welfare To Work
Welfare as we know it is not long for this world. State governments all across America are redesigning so-called entitlement programs to make sure that they promote self-sufficiency rather than dependence.
Change The Orientation Of Welfare
What is the real purpose of welfare? Is it meant to help the unfortunate get back on their feet, or was it designed from the beginning to create a permanent underclass?
Welfare Reform That Will Work
Demagogues may dismiss welfare reform as “discrimination against families,” but the truth is quite the opposite. 

Week of April 7, 1996

Focus On Issues, Not Personalities
The media’s campaign coverage focuses on personalities instead of issues. Is it because they don’t want us to think about what’s really at stake?
Vital Economy Helps Environment
“Mainstream thinking asserts that we must sacrifice . . . some of our prosperity to protect the environment. Fortunately, this mainstream thinking is wrong.”
Liberals Support Creeping Socialism
Socialism presumes that “certain people know better what is best for all other creatures, and . . . possess the right to enforce their ‘enlightened’ beliefs.”  

Week of April 14, 1996

Your Taxes Are Subsidizing Lobbyists
Ever wonder where your federal income taxes go? Billions go to programs that subsidize special interest groups lobbying the government for more spending!
Your Taxes Finance Overregulation
Federal regulations raise the cost of American goods and services by $400 billion per year. That’s a $4,000 annual surcharge on the average American family!
Your Taxes Fund Assault On Liberty
The Federal Government compels us to fork over fully one-third of our income, and uses that money to finance a sustained attack on our Bill of Rights.  

Week of April 21, 1996

Taiwan’s Success Galls Communists
The missile tests and naval exercises China conducted in March to intimidate the Taiwanese should remind us that the People’s Republic is not to be trusted.
Chinese Pirating American Products
Disdain for democratic values doesn’t deter communist lust for the prosperity only free societies provide.
U.S. Should Not Subsidize Savagery
During hearings last May on the coercive population program in communist China, the question arose: Should such a monstrous abuse of human rights affect our relations with that barbaric country?  

Week of April 28, 1996

Media Stifle Honest Flat-Tax Debate
“Americans are tired of our oppressive tax code and they want a new system. But to get there, they need an honest and open debate. They’re not getting it from the politicians and the media.”
Overturn Michael New’s Conviction!
The case of Army Specialist Michael New involves considerably more than the mere question of a soldier disobeying a commanding officer.
What Do Nonessential Workers Do?
Few American taxpayers noticed much difference when thousands of government workers were declared nonessential and told to stay home until the federal budget crisis could be resolved. 

Week of March 3, 1996

Cunningly `Conservative’ Clinton
“The era of big government is over. We know big government does not have all the answers. There is not a program for every problem.”
Experts Pan Bay State Curriculum
When the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education invited public comment on proposed curriculum reforms for state schools, he did not anticipate a critique from 40 of the nation’s top linguistic experts.
Miracle Cure Is Available To All
Millions of Americans are enjoying better health and happier lives than they ever imagined, and you can too, once you know the secret!  

Week of March 10, 1996

Educational Revolution Is Coming!
The political correctness movement has captured our universities, and the NEA dominates the public school system. But technological innovations will soon make these institutions of indoctrination obsolete.
Treaties Promote World Socialism
International treaties such as NAFTA and GATT may ultimately destroy the middle classes throughout the world and lead to a resurgence of the welfare state.
What Happened To Self-Reliance?
If displaced workers spent as much time looking for new jobs as they do complaining about having lost their old ones, they’d find employment much faster.  

Week of March 17, 1996

Libraries Lend Lewd Matter To Kids
Your children cannot legally buy obscene rap music albums at a record store. They may, however, be able to borrow such revolting trash from local libraries.

“Anti-Terrorism” Bill Is Terrifying
If Congress passes the so-called “anti-terrorism” bill now under consideration, Americans will experience “a profound loss of liberty.”
Kit Carson Scouts Abandoned By U.S.
“To be an enemy of the United States can be dangerous,” Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once quipped. “To be an ally can be fatal.”  

Week of March 24, 1996

Can Congressmen Defend WTO Now?
The World Trade Organization’s recent ruling against the United States is a taste of things to come.

U.N. Tax Threatens U.S. Sovereignty
American citizens oppose the proposal for a global tax to finance the operations of the United Nations, but many of our so-called leaders secretly favor it.
Michael New Is True American Hero
The United Nations wants to be a truly autonomous world government, but first it needs to have its own taxing authority, and its own military force.  

Week of March 31, 1996

Frivolous Lawsuits Filed By Felons
A prison inmate in Indianapolis once filed a lawsuit to collect the life-insurance settlement of the woman he was convicted of murdering.

Chinese Goods Made By Slave Labor
Last August, Harry Wu stood before a Chinese judge wondering if he would be set free, sentenced to 15 years in a forced-labor camp, or condemned to death.

Free Enterprise Can Save Wildlife
If environmental activists really cared about preserving endangered species, they wouldn’t let an ideological commitment to socialism get in the way.  

Week of February 4, 1996

Idahoans Lead Health Care Reform
Can you name the two most progressive communities in America? When it comes to innovative approaches to health care, Jersey City, New Jersey and Ada County, Idaho are true trailblazers.
Why America Must Cut Immigration
“Immigration has been, and can continue to be, in the national interest — if properly regulated.”
Feminists Ignore Successful Women
More than six million American women own their own businesses. Yet, for some strange reason, you’ll never hear a feminist trumpeting these triumphs.  

Week of February 11, 1996

Property Rights Are Under Attack!
Do Americans really own anything anymore, or is everything we possess just on loan to us from the federal government?
Welfare Makes The Problem Worse
Welfare spending in New York City has exacerbated the Big Apple’s monumental social problems. What’s the solution? Surely not more spending!
Implications Of The VMI Court Case
A Supreme Court decision favoring Attorney General Janet Reno’s Justice Department in the VMI sex-discrimination case could open up a can of worms.  

Week of February 18, 1996

One Day Only, For Self-Indulgence!
On Mardi Gras day, as costumed riders on crepe-covered floats roll past, parade-goers in New Orleans shout in unison, “Throw me something, Mister!”

Graham’s Dream: U.S. Space Academy
Thanks to Lt. General Daniel Graham, your children or grandchildren may one day get the chance to attend the U.S. Space Academy!

 Week of February 25, 1996

Unions Play Dirty to Achieve Goals
“The purpose of all cartels is to raise prices above competitive levels and to redistribute income from consumers to cartel members.”
No Place Like Home, For Schooling
Homeschooling may one day be the preferred method of education in America, as it was before 1840.

Income Tax Is `Peculiar Institution’
We hear a lot of talk about the many benefits of the flat-rate income tax, but hardly anyone ever mentions the marvelous federal income tax we used to have — none at all!  

Week of January 7, 1996

Bosnia A “No-Win Situation” For U.S.
Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says that sending U.S. troops to Bosnia is a “serious mistake” and a “no-win situation.”
Abolish Department Of Education!
Abolishing the Department of Education would curb the federal government’s baleful influence on public schools and save as much as $70 billion a year in taxpayer’s money.
Medical Savings Accounts Do Work
Employees at the Golden Rule Insurance Company in Indianapolis are staunch supporters of Medical Savings Accounts. That’s because all 1200 employees already have MSAs.  

Week of January 14, 1996

Long Engagement In Bosnia Likely
Will American troops return from Bosnia in a year — or will they still be there 20 years from now?
Did Vincent Foster Know Too Much?
There’s something mighty fishy about the 1993 death of White House Counsel Vincent Foster. Did he know too much about the scandals dogging the President?
Vicious Music Incites Teen Violence
“Popular musical messages contribute to an increasingly violent and morally bankrupt society.”  

Week of January 21, 1996

Foreign Aid Stifles Development
“Countries with free economies generally don’t need U.S. development assistance . . . while countries which receive U.S. aid generally don’t deserve it.”
“Federalizing” Crime is Bad Idea
A former U.S. attorney general says that the federal government is expanding its jurisdiction over crimes that used to be handled by state and local authorities.
Leave Crime-Fighting to the States
A former U.S. attorney general says that the Ruby Ridge and Waco tragedies resulted “in part from the federalization of state gun laws.”  

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