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December 31, 2000

A Resolution for Personal Evolution
Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? If not, here’s something to think about as you do.
The Dogmatic Faith of Evolutionists

“Students and the public are being systematically misinformed about the evidence for evolution.”
You’re Paying to Promote Evolution

“Some Darwinists consistently ignore, explain away, or misrepresent the biological facts in order to promote their theory.”

December 24, 2000

Yes, It’s Getting Better All the Time!
With so many positive trends being recorded, it’s getting harder and harder to be a pessimist.
Remarkable Progress Will Continue

“America is a great country recording giant strides in social, economic, and cultural progress because the American people have greatness inside of them.”
Random Thoughts On Misgovernment

Checks and balances make our government less efficient — and less repressive.

December 17, 2000

Liberal Deceive Selves and Others
Some liberals will go to any lengths to deny the truths they find unpleasant.
Show You Care With Stigmatization

“Stigma is not an act of aggression but a sign that we care about our neighbors’ lives and actions.”
Random Thoughts on Allegiance

Some of our public servants appear to be in business for themselves.

December 10, 2000

Random Thoughts on Man and His Maker
Skeptics dismiss religious faith as a “crutch,” but isn’t a crutch just what we moral cripples need?
There’s No Basis for Mail Chauvinism

“First-class mail delivery, the U.S. Postal Service’s premier product, is overpriced and underperforming. Consumers are moving to cheaper alternatives. . . .”
Random Thoughts on Work Benefits

Workers don’t need unions or minimum wages. All they need is work.

December 3, 2000

“One Man, One Vote” Not Always Best
In case you’re called upon to “justify” the electoral college, here are some simple analogies that may prove useful
Some Voters Should be Disenfranchised

The electoral college is one of only a few things still standing between us and mob rule.
The U.S. Military Must be Reinvigorated

By delaying deployment of a missile defense system, the Clinton-Gore Administration is inviting another “Pearl Harbor.”

November 26, 2000

State Attorneys Generals Are NAAGS
Is this the strategy of a law enforcement officer or a shakedown artist? “Target a prominent industry with deep pockets. Make sure it’s not politically popular. Then reap the financial and political benefits.
Technically, We’re All Criminals Now

Corporate raiders and unscrupulous prosecutors are manipulating the justice system to their own advantage in order to seize the assets of successful American businessmen.
Random Thoughts on Gaurdianship

Unless we assert our rights and responsibilities as adults, the government will treat us like babies.

November 19, 2000

War on Crime is Getting Out of Hand
“The United States now has so many criminal offenses that do not require criminal intent that every one of us is at risk.”
Missile Defense Should be Priority

The first priority of our newly-elected President and Commander-in-Chief should be to initiate deployment of the missile defense system that Bill Clinton has delayed for eight years
Mainstreaming the Counterculture

“As the Sixties unfolded, attitudes that had characterized a tiny minority on the fringes of culture were more and more accepted into the mainstream.”

November 12, 2000

Is Another American Century Ahead?
“The twentieth century has already been called the American Century . . . and the next century will probably be another.”
3 Million Illegals Overstayed Visas

“Entrusting the administration of laws to officials with diplomatic priorities is a recipe for trouble.”
Random Thoughts on Faith & Reason

The most prevalent disability in America today is spiritual blindness.

November 5, 2000

Ignorant Voters Should Stay Home
American citizens have the right to vote; they also have the duty to make an honest and informed choice.
One Nation Under God, or Under U.N.?

The new “Cold War” is between internationalists and the sovereign states they seek to subjugate.
Hurray for Vinyl Medical Products!

Vinyl and other plastics are so incredibly useful and inexpensive that a coalition of nannies and ninnies is determined to ban them.

October 29, 2000

Winning the Cold War — Against China
There’s nothing wrong with an arms race, as long as we win it!
Union Bosses Hijacking Government

“Big Labor’s bosses . . . dream of the day when every government worker pays them dues.”
Random Thoughts on Paternalism

The problem with public servants is that they tend to forget that they answer to us, and not vice versa.

October 22, 2000

Downsized Defense, Weary Warriors
Our armed services are having recruitment problems, but it’s not because of a good economy.
Impeachment Was Fitting and Proper

The impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton was not “just about sex.” It was about perjury, subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice, and other high crimes and misdemeanors.
Clinton’s Senate Trial Was a Big Farce

The impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton by the House of Representatives was fitting and proper, but the trial in the Senate was a travesty.

October 15, 2000

A Land of Opportunity For All Races
“Rather than binding up our racial wounds [affirmative action] made them deeper, uglier, and more likely to become septic.”
It’s Time for Families to Fight Back

“Our family-hostile, child-hostile culture is driven by a dangerously erroneous idea that parents are bad for children.”
Random Thoughts On Impeachment

The impeachment of President Clinton may not have led — as it should have — to his conviction and removal from office, but it was a necessary and meaningful public reproach for his gross misconduct.

October 8, 2000

China Plans to Dominate Asia, World
The appeasement policies of Clinton and Gore have only made China a more dangerous enemy.
Containment Recommended for China

President Ronald Reagan confronted Soviet aggression around the globe. We should take the same approach with China.
He Felt Our Pain, While Increasing It

“The better that people understand what Clinton did in office, the greater the nation’s chances for political recovery.”

October 1, 2000

It’s Our Money and We Want it Back!
The next President of the United States should reduce federal spending and cut taxes.
Social Security Has to be Reformed

“The longer Washington waits to act, the harder and more expensive it will become to make Social Security a better deal for workers.”
Don’t Forget That We Have Enemies

“America’s status as superpower will be challenged during the next few decades.”

September 24, 2000

U.S. Should Come Home from Kosovo
We never should have gotten involved in Kosovo in the first place — and the sooner we get out, the better.
Making Reservations for Seafood?

The best way to prevent overfishing is to give fishermen ownership of the fish.
Medicare May Be Hazardous to Health

“Medicare patients receive the care that their physicians think Medicare wants for them.”

September 17, 2000

Defederalizing Our Public Schools
There’s nothing wrong with the public schools that the free market can’t fix. More important, there’s nothing wrong with the public schools that anything but the free market can fix!
Who Will Appoint the Next Justices?

“The judicial usurpation of the legislative process is almost complete.”
Random Thoughts On Bill’s Legacy

A China equipped to launch a missile attack against us, and a U.S. unable to defend against it — that’s the legacy of the Clinton-Gore Administration.

September 10, 2000

Decline is Big Campaign Issue
“Concern with national moral decline is the number- one issue in this campaign, and the underlying force uniting the new Republican coalition.”
It’s Time to Tackle Those Taboo Topics

Republicans have dared to touch the so-called ‘third rail’ issue of Social Security reform, but there are other taboo subjects that need to be addressed as well
Random Thoughts on Taxes and Taxpayers

Let’s start the 21st Century out right — by repealing the Constitutional Amendment that made Big Government possible.

September 3, 2000

Digital Government of the People
“E-government is on the way, and it will change everything.”
The Fruits of the Sexual Revolution

“If there is one thing of which modern man is utterly convinced, it is that he has reached a state of sexual enlightenment.”
Wake Up! You’re Having a Nightmare

Three new books examine the nightmare culture that has characterized the Twentieth Century.

August 27, 2000

Prince Albert Deserves to be Canned
“Al Gore as President will be more arrogant and zealous than he is as Vice President.”
When Architects Became Anarchists

“For many people, the best thing about modernist music is that you don’t have to listen to it. . . . Architecture, however, is unavoidable.”
Some Random Thoughts on Initiative

Instead of waiting for politicians to do your bidding, why not take the initiative yourself?

August 20, 2000

Clinton’s Illegal Roadless Initiative
President Clinton’s roadless initiative for America’s national forests wasn’t just a bad decision; it was also an illegal one.
Save Forests by Cutting Down Trees

The foolish policies of the U.S. Forest Service increase the likelihood of uncontrollable, raging forest fires like the one at Los Alamos.
Federal Funding Foils Philanthropy

The best thing government can do for philanthropy is to stay out of it.

August 13, 2000

Missile Defenses Must be Deployed!
America must continue developing an antiballistic missile defense system no matter how many times a test fails.
Even Sweden is Privatizing Pensions

If socialistic Sweden can begin privatization of its government pension program, surely the United States can begin privatizing Social Security.
Good Principals Make Good Schools

The key to education reform isn’t money, but good principals and good teachers.

August 6, 2000

Listen to the Voices From the Gulag
Ideology, terror, and the will to power — that’s what totalitarian regimes are made of.
Crimes of Communism Must be Punished

The concentration camps of Eastern Europe are empty now, but the sadists who ran them go unpunished.
Random Thoughts About Dependency

Pets have to be taken care of, but people are not pets.

July 30, 2000

Environmentalism and the Free Market
The best way to keep the environment clean is to see that someone owns it!
Dual Citizenship and Divided Loyalties

“How could a person owe allegiance or fully adhere to the responsibilities of citizenship in several countries at the same time?”
Random Thoughts About Education

The solution to the public school crisis in America is staring us in the face.

July 23, 2000

Social Security or Something Better?
“The reasons for privatizing Social Security are much more fundamental than just financial issues.”
‘Nam Vets Held the Line Against Reds

Sixty thousand American soldiers gave their lives in Vietnam, and they did not die in vain.
A Nightmare, Horror-Movie Culture

Frankenstein, Dracula, and other horror stories offer insights about the consequences of breaking taboos.

July 16, 2000

Welfare for Faith-Based Charities?
Charitable organizations helping people overcome dependence on government handouts should be wary of accepting that same assistance for themselves.
Divorce Hurts Children and Society

You may be divorced, or you may have a close friend or relative who’s divorced, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the terrible impact of divorce.
Kids Don’t Need More Time at School

If education planners have their way, you won’t have to pick up your kids after school anymore: you can just leave them there round the clock!

July 9, 2000

Stop Banning Safe, Effective Pesticides
Instead of worrying so much about protecting the environment from people, we should concentrate on protecting people from the environment!
Will 2010 Census Offer Multiracial Box?

Why does the U.S. Census need to know the race of every citizen, and why can’t Americans with multiracial backgrounds identify themselves accordingly?
Threat From Electromagnetic Pulse

A nuclear bomb exploded high above the United States could disrupt our entire electrical system and bring all productive services to a halt.

July 2, 2000

Resurrecting the Western Tradition
Are we finally waking up from the national nightmare that began with the cultural revolution of the 1960s?
Multiculturalism Misleads Minorities

How will minority students ever enter the mainstream of American society if their teachers deny that it’s possible for them to do so?
Random Thoughts on Responsibility

The more Big Brother tries to take care of us, the less able we become to care for ourselves.

June 25, 2000

Preparing for Environmental War?
Since when is the environment a matter of national security?

June 18, 2000

CARA is a “Pork-Filled Land Grab”
Instead of buying up more property, federal and state governments should sell the two-fifths of our nation’s land mass that they already own!
Judeo-Christian Environmentalism

Environmentalism is nothing new. It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. In its proper form, it’s called stewardship.
Random Thoughts on the Environment

We may not be able to control climate change, but we can respond to ridiculous rhetoric.

June 11, 2000

When the Workers Become Owners
More and more Americans are investing in the stock market, and that should have a positive effect on our national politics.
The Riskiest Retirement Plan of All

The government’s power to change the terms of participation at any time makes Social Security a truly risky retirement plan.
Protestors Prolonged Vietnam War

Antiwar protestors did not bring an end to the war in Vietnam; in fact, their unpopular tactics may actually have prolonged it.

June 4, 2000

Boys Vs. Girls, or One-of-a-Kind Kids?
If girls are the ones who are being discriminated against in the schools, why is it the boys who are falling behind?
Big Labor’s Building Big Government

The dues of union members are being used to undermine our political and economic freedoms.
Small Business Is Where the Action Is

Small businesses are “the most dynamic economic force in America, leading the way in job growth, opportunity, and technological advancement.”

May 28, 2000

Why Cubans Risk Their Lives to Leave
To appreciate the horror of repatriating Elian, one has to have some understanding of the wretched conditions in which Cubans live.
It Makes Sense to Grade Teachers Too

Students should be graded on their performance in school, and so should teachers!
Wet Noodle Replaces Hickory Stick

Kids want and need discipline, but in many of our public schools they just aren’t getting it.

May 21, 2000

Ban on Slave-Labor Goods is Overdue
The U.S. Government should not be purchasing slave- labor goods — from China or anywhere else!
Masquerading as ‘Pro Bono Publico’

Not everything a lawyer does pro bono is really for the public good, and not all of it’s for free, either!
Remember the Murder of Father Van

Advocates of increased trade with China ignore that country’s continuing persecution and murder of Christians and other believers.

May 14, 2000

The Racketeer as a Campaign Advisor
Is the Justice Department trying to protect Al Gore by covering up corruption in the Teamsters Union and the Democratic National Committee?

May 7, 2000

Will We Pay the Price for Freedom?
“How much will it cost for the United States to be a great power in the 21st century and are the American people able and willing to pay those costs?”

April 30, 2000

Five Books That Reassert the Truth
Men are not from Mars, and women are not from Venus. Both sexes are from earth, and dependent on each other and the Creator who made them!
It’s Time to Come Home From Kosovo

How many global conflicts must we become embroiled in before we learn to mind our own business?
“Team 70” Heroism at An Loc Honored

Veterans of Combat Assistance Team 70 meet in Biloxi this week to celebrate their heroic victory over vastly superior North Vietnamese forces in the 1972 Battle of An Loc.

April 23, 2000

We Must Refuse to be Defined by Race
Are you tired of forms, surveys, and questionnaires that demand to know what race you are? Well, if we all gave the same answer, maybe they’d stop asking!
The Best Politicians Money Can Buy

Candidates have always been bought and paid for. We just didn’t know who was doing the buying.
“I Favor Term Limits, But Not For Me!”

Republican Congressmen who once supported term limits are now changing their positions –which is another good reason for having them!

April 16, 2000

Chicken Little, The Sky’s Not Falling
Great harm can come from efforts to avert a danger that doesn’t exist.
You Wonder Why Morale’s So Bad?!!!

“A recent Pentagon-sanctioned survey of Army and Marine Corps personnel found that only 35 percent believe what their service leaders are telling them.”
Missile Defense, Before It’s Too Late

The vulnerability of our nation to ballistic missile attack is finally being addressed, but will a defense system be put in place in time?

April 9, 2000

Make Big Bucks Butchering Babies!
Abortionists don’t just kill unborn babies. They kill postpartum ones, too, and cut their bodies into pieces to sell to research facilities.
Can’t Do Business with COSCO Crooks

What’s the point of expanding trade with China if the China Ocean Shipping Company, or COSCO, can’t be trusted to honor its obligations?
Miracles, For Those With Eyes to See

Was it “just a coincidence,” or was it something more than that?

April 2, 2000

Home’s More Important Than The Office
Mothers who work outside the home often give up more than they gain.
Courtship Should Be a Required Course

Young people today are getting all the wrong messages about love and marriage.
Nihilists Have Nothing To Brag About

“Not many of us doubt God’s existence and then start sinning. Most of us sin and then start doubting. . . .”

March 26, 2000

Sexual Revolution Was No Accident
The sexual revolution in America didn’t just happen. From the beginning, there were vested interests urging it on.
Gee, Mom, Thanks for the Bad Advice!

The women of today have followed the advice of their mothers — and that’s why they’re so unhappy!
Call a Truce in War Between the Sexes

Men and women may have trouble getting along, but how far can they go without each other?

March 19, 2000

Clinton and Gore: Security Experts?
The Clinton-Gore Administration can’t keep secrets from seeping out of the White House, but it wants to take charge of protecting the entire Internet!
An Open Letter to Chelsea Clinton, M.D.

Over 500 economists agree: price controls on prescription drugs is a truly bad idea.
Intellectuals Can Be Slow Learners

“Intellectuals should not require the virtual decomposition of their own society before learning a little realism.”

March 12, 2000

News You May Not Have Heard About
Liberal bias in the mainstream media often determines how a news story is reported, and whether or not it’s reported at all.
I’m Afraid I’ve Got Some Good News

Is America experiencing a new birth of freedom? It sure looks that way.
Politics and Culture of Destruction

The Victorian era is looking better all the time.

March 5, 2000

Ideas & Character Have Consequences
Five new books chart the course, for good or ill, of commonly held ideas and individual character.
Heaven Help Us If We Have to Go to War!

Our enemies must relish the prospect of battling American forces laced with limp-wrists and lasses.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Where Are You?

Yes sir, no sir, please, and thank you — whatever happened to common courtesy?

February 27, 2000

Helms: U.N. Must Respect Sovereignty
The United Nations is the servant of its member states, not their master.
Count on the Census to Ask Too Much

“The Bureau of the Census continues to pry into people’s lives and add to the federal government’s store of knowledge about American citizens.”
Welfare and the Mardi Gras Mentality

Mardi Gras comes just once a year. Thank goodness!

February 20, 2000

First In the Hearts of His Countrymen
For nearly 200 years he was revered as the Father of our Country. Only in recent times have we Americans forgotten how much we owe him.
Gravest Threat: Long-range Missiles

“Long-range missiles are the only weapons against which the Clinton Administration has decided, as a matter of policy, not to field any defense.”
Tax & Spend! Tax & Spend! Tax & Spend!

The biggest problem with our federal government is that it has too much money to spend.

February 13, 2000

Maybe We Can Take Care of Ourselves
What’s the main reason for falling crime rates? How about good old private initiative?
Letting the Internet Work its Magic

Electronic commerce could bring prosperity to every corner of the earth, if greedy governments resist the temptation to stifle it with taxes.
What Presidents Can Do About Abortion

Barbara Bush says there’s nothing a President can do about abortion, but what does she know?

February 6, 2000

Who You Calling an Isolationist, Bub?
The real “isolationists” are the liberal Democrats who oppose unilateral action to protect American interests in the world.
Shouldn’t Treason be a Campaign Issue?

Bill Clinton and Al Gore helped build Communist China into a major military power that now threatens the security of the United States.
Teachers Union, Tear Down This Wall!

The Berlin Wall came down a decade ago. Maybe it’s time to roll back the Iron Curtain around American schools.

January 30, 2000

20th Century: An American Success Story
The next time someone tries to tell you that “those were the good old days,” set him straight: These are the good old days!
Famine or Abundance? Take Your Pick

Europeans may call them “Frankenfoods,” but these genetically altered grains and livestock could be the answer to world hunger.
League Critique Applies Double to U.N.

The United States was right to reject membership in the League of Nations, and it should have stayed out of the UN as well.

January 23, 2000

We’d Like to Have Some Privacy, Please!
“Government databases are storing all kinds of personal information about every American.”
The Bar-Approved Shakedown Artists

What is “the single greatest threat to our current prosperity”? Trial lawyers!
Boys Will be Boys & Girls Will be Girls

“We cannot allow our schools to become places where typical male behavior is viewed as some kind of disorder.”

January 16, 2000

Comparable Worth of Apples, Oranges
Equal pay for unequal work — that’s what “comparable worth” is really about!
No More Screen Names on the Internet?

He’s one of the most frequently cited authors in history, but government officials want to ban “Anonymous” from the Internet!
Too Much ‘Cooperation’ in Washington

Campaign finance reform is a cynical ploy to protect incumbents from defeat.

January 9, 2000

Curb Spending with Super Majorities
One way to keep Congress from raising taxes so often is to require more than a simple majority for doing so.Oh No, Not Another Centennial List!
The 20th century has been characterized by incredible technological progress and stupendously fatheaded political policies.

January 2, 2000

Change the Questions, Not the Count
Democrats want to change the manner in which the census is taken. Let’s change the questions instead.
Mass Delusion of Multiculturalism

There are many things that people “know” that just aren’t so, but the most pernicious self-delusion nowadays is the utterly bogus academic construct known as Multiculturalism.
Let’s Foreclose on the World Bank

After 50 years in operation, and billions of dollars transferred to Third World countries, the World Bank has established a remarkable record of failure. Surely it’s past time to close the bank and stop the waste.

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