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  • Feb 11 / 2012
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The Ugly Trend Continues

“Guys, Valentine’s Day is not that complicated. Give — and you shall receive.” This is a new low. A Super Bowl ad basically pimped out the women of America for Valentine’s Day. Buy her something pretty, and she’ll put out. It’s not what you’d call a romantic proposition. — Elizabeth Kantor

I first took note of this ugly trend last year. As I commented at the time, in response to someone who defended the ad on the basis of its commercial success, it’s not difficult to appeal to the crass and vulgar, but why do it? Our society is coarse enough already.

  • Feb 05 / 2011
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What A Sick Message!

It’s not about showing your love? It’s about making her friends jealous? Pathetic! Who’s responsible for this cynical shit? The copywriter, the creative director, the account executive, the agency rep, and everyone else involved should have a box of chocolates smashed into their faces and then be fired.

And here’s another, even worse, brought to my attention by a daughter planning her upcoming marriage:

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