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  • Sep 12 / 2011
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Your Weekly Politickle: FIFTH COLUMN

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

Our brave battle for self-preservation
Must address the domestic predation
Of those traitors and fools
— All those socialist tools —
Who are hoping to change our great nation.

From the archive:

“How things change from day to day,
What’s taboo becomes okay:
Though once arrested
For having molested,
I now work for TSA!”

When I travel by air now and then,
The security staff wave me in:
I don’t have to be scoped
Or publicly groped,
I just hand them a lewd 8×10.

Like a swaggering conquering hero,
Rauf is building a mosque at Ground Zero
— Where some 3000 bodies
Were interred by jihadis —
And Obama just fiddles like Nero.

There’s no need for a war on terror.
Just say no to the c’est-la-guerrer.
Everything will be ducky
As long as we’re lucky
And the terrorist makes an error.

“With security lapses reviewed
On Flight 253, we conclude:
Due to differing beliefs
About bombs in one’s briefs,
Every passenger now must fly nude.”

These new guidelines are certainly odd:
“We must never denounce the jihad;
We must never demean
The mujahideen,
As they force us to worship their god.”

“Western nations will suffer and bleed
Until all of their peoples concede
That the faith of our lord,
Although spread by the sword,
Is in essence a peace-loving creed.”

Nine-Eleven enlivened our actions
And completely dispersed our distractions:
For the briefest duration
We were truly one nation,
Then we quickly conformed to our factions.

If freedom can come to Romanians,
Albanians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians,
Why must others abide
While their freedom’s denied:
Brother Syrians, Saudis, Iranians?

The September 11th attack
Justifies our crusade in Iraq.
Go ahead, G.I. Joe:
Take the fight to the foe
And make sure that they never come back.

Multiculturalism assails
Common sense until it fails:
Screeners x-ray granny
And pat down the nanny,
But ignore young Arab males.

The September 11th attack
Put America back on track,
But the nags at NOW
Are having a cow
‘Cause the Macho Man is back!

Those Boomers bred on blame
Have recovered from their shame:
They fly the flag
And do not gag
On the Pledge they now proclaim.

Kissed my loved one at the door.
No idea what lay in store.
In the tower
Not an hour.
Now my loved one is no more.

Last week’s limerick:

“in are distrik we, de bestes
way mutch, betta den de restes
we mist, lotsa daze
but gots, strat A’s
cuz are teacha, fixt are testes”

  • Aug 10 / 2010
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Same Old Lies

The challenge of assuring public awareness of the Shariah threat would be hard enough if the only impediment were ill-informed politicians and journalists.  Matters are made much worse by the skill with which Shariah’s adherents dissemble, or simply lie. — Frank Gaffney

Stealth jihadists are just like communists, racial agitators, feminists, gay activists, and environmentalists. They’re all totalitarians and they all lie. Then, when someone challenges them, they accuse him of being paranoid or bigoted and all the morons and moral cowards quickly fall in line.

The morons, otherwise known as useful idiots, are sincere, stupid people who’ve been conditioned — by the media and the “educational” system — to say the things that the liars want said.  The general theme is tolerance (of predators posing as victims), which makes the morons feel morally superior, and their motives cannot be challenged because they have no direct connection to the cause — and no idea that they’ve been duped.

Here’s an example of self-avowed conservatives delighting in their open-mindedness as they promote the gay-rights agenda.

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