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  • Nov 14 / 2012
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Superfluous Me

WordAi is a content writer that understands text just like a human does. It completely rewrites sentences, and provides human readable and completely unique articles.

It’s hard to put a good spin on this:

It looks as though the world has no further need of my services.

Earth, it seems, no longer requires what I have to offer.

Apparently, this person’s output is not needed anymore on this planet.

The Best Spinner

  • Aug 11 / 2011
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The Best Spinner?

My parents must be rolling over in their graves. They were both writers. I made the mistake of following in their footsteps. The oDesk ad reprinted below gives a good idea of what our profession has come to. Plagiarism, plain and simple. No pride of authorship. No authorship at all, really. Something that could be done by a software program or a trained chimpanzee.

Note that the promised pay works out to $2.50 an hour. Who is this Simon Legree who thinks he can hire a writer for such a piddly amount — and demand “excellent English”? What real writer would condescend to do that kind of “work” even for a handsome sum?

Article Writer $50/week – Excellent English
oDesk – St. Louis, MO
See original job posting at oDesk »
I am looking for an article writer to write spun syntax articles. You will need to already be familiar with spin syntax and have your own copy of The Best Spinner.

The job entails writing an article in spun syntax. If you are not familar with spun syntx, please do not apply.

The article format for each article will follow this pattern.

I am looking for 3 deep spun titles. The body will include 6 paragraphs. Total word count 550 words. A paragraph will contain 4 sentences per paragraph. You will look at an article on Ezine Articles and re-write the article in your own words. You will also write an additional sentence per each sentence that has the same meaning, yet uses a different format. In the end, you will have 8 spun sentences per paragraph and when spun will produce 4 sentences.

paragraph 1 =

{sentence 1a|sentence 1b}

{sentence 2a|sentence 2b}

{sentence 3a|sentence 3b}

{sentence 4a|sentence 4b}

after being spun could look like this or any combination of the above:

{sentence 1a}

{sentence 2b}

{sentence 3a}

{sentence 4b}

or, after being spun could look like this or any combination of the above:

{sentence 1b}

{sentence 2a}

{sentence 3a}

{sentence 4b}

1. You will pull down an article from ezine articles and re-write the entire article in your own words, yet carry the same meaning. Again, you will create 2 re-written sentences in your own words per each sentence in the article.

2. Next your will spin each word in the entire article.

3. Next you will upload to Ezine Articles with backlinks I provide and send me the spun syntx file after approved on Ezine. I have you submit to Ezine Articles because they do not accept duplicate content and grammar must be accurate. If you are able to have spun articles approved on Ezine they will be accepted on other article directories I use.

You are expected to complete 2 spun articles a day or 10 articles a week. Each article should take about 1-2 hours.

I will pay in blocks of 10 articles, $5 per article.

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