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  • Aug 04 / 2010
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Ending the Imperial Presidency

Too many overreaching laws give the president too much discretion to make too many open-ended rules controlling too many aspects of our lives. There’s no end to the harm an out-of-control president can do. – IBD Editorials

We need to reaffirm the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and repeal many of the subsequent amendments.

  • Jul 29 / 2010
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Us Against Them

Today, few speak well of “the ruling class.” Not only has it burgeoned in size and pretense, but it also has undertaken wars it has not won, presided over a declining economy and mushrooming debt, made life more expensive, raised taxes, and talked down to the American people. Americans’ conviction that the ruling class is as hostile as it is incompetent has solidified. The polls tell us that only about a fifth of Americans trust the government to do the right thing. The rest expect that it will do more harm than good and are no longer afraid to say so. – Angelo M. Codevilla

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