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  • Apr 06 / 2009
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This Week’s List

How to Interact with Humorless People

Diagnosis Murder: Hilarious Michael Tucci as humorless Norman Briggs

  1. Never use irony. They don’t get it.
  2. Never use understatement. (See #1)
  3. Never use overstatement. (See #1)
  4. Never make puns. (See #1)
  5. Never quote Groucho Marx. (See #4)
  6. Never tell knock-knock jokes. (See #4)
  7. Never tell any other kind of jokes, especially jokes about people who don’t get jokes.
  8. If you forget and start to tell a joke, stop yourself immediately and say, “I’m sorry, I was about to tell a joke.”
  9. Never laugh at anything humorless people say. They’re not trying to be funny.
  10. Never put whoopee cushions under humorless people. It will only confuse them.


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