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  • Sep 17 / 2012
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Your Weekly Politickle: HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

Jimmy Carter’s the president when
Some insane Arab protests begin
And is justly rewarded,
Being rightly regarded
As a laughingstock ever since then.

From the archive:

We survived Bill and Jimmy and Jack
– Every one an incompetent hack –
And it’s certain we will
Survive Mrs. Bill
Or her radical rival, Barack.

For years his rare record has stood
And it looked like forever it would,
But Bill Clinton’s the man
Who said, “Yes, yes I can:
I can make Jimmy Carter look good!”

What a vile conglomeration
Of every abomination:
In Clinton’s wake,
Only villains will make
A bid for the nomination.

Last week’s limerick:

This convention was more than just odd,
With the delegates given a prod
To embrace depraved gaiety,
Overthrow the true deity,
And install Lord Obama as god.

  • Aug 13 / 2010
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The Worst President Ever, cont.

The most left-wing president in modern American history has tried to force a highly interventionist, government-driven agenda that runs counter to the principles of free enterprise, individual freedom, and limited government that have made the United States the greatest power in the world, and the freest nation on earth. — Nile Gardiner

It’s not easy to be the worst president in American history. You have to undermine our national security, of course, and smother our free market, but you have to do this more successfully than your last several Democratic predecessors — and that’s a tall order! But there’s no denying that Barack Obama has surpassed the likes of Clinton, Carter, and Kennedy and earned the coveted title. He is now, unquestionably, the worst president in American history. How will the next Democratic president ever top Obama’s abysmal performance — assuming, of course, that our country even survives two more years of this presumptuous, pompous ass?

The Worst President Ever

  • Nov 27 / 2009
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An unsettling question has begun to nag as Team Obama’s conduct of security policy becomes ever more inconsistent with common sense — and, at least in some cases, manifestly at odds with our national interests: Whose side are they on? — Frank Gaffney

The same question had to be asked of Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton. The ugly truth is that, with the exception of LBJ, every Democratic president since Truman has been a socialist and, effectively, a traitor.

Our nation is destined for grief
If our leader has no fixed belief
And conclusions are drawn
As to whose side he’s on
When China plays “Hail to the Chief!”

  • Jul 29 / 2009
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Barack the Bastard

When Honduras’ President Zelaya was deposed from power by order of the Supreme Court of that country, and with the majority support by the congress, Honduras was fast moving toward a Chavist dictatorship, transgressing the constitution and the laws. In addition to Honduras’ highest judicial body, the most prominent political and religious representatives of that country were warning about the Chavist risk. Armando Valladares, El Heraldo

Obama follows the path of Jimmy Carter, fomenting Marxist takeovers and betraying our allies around the world.

  • Apr 22 / 2009
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Democrats and Treason

It is now 48 years since the battle of the Bay of Pigs when Cuban patriots tried to free their country from the grip of a sadistic communist dictator. What is generally ignored is that this attempt at the liberation of Cuban people was betrayed by the Kennedy administration. — Humberto Fontova

Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Obama — traitors all, undermining our nation and giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

  • Nov 20 / 2008
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Jimmy Carter’s Legacy

Nicaragua . . . wants to eliminate American economic, political, cultural, and strategic influence from the hemisphere. The space left by the U.S. will be occupied by countries like Iran, Russia, and China. — Luis Fleischman, Center for Security Policy

My two eldest daughters both got to vote in a presidential election for the first time this year — one had recently turned 18, the other 21. The older was exasperated that she had had to wait three years to participate in this ritual, and disgusted by the candidates she had to choose between when she finally got her chance.

I know exactly how she felt. I turned 18 in 1974 and had to wait two years to vote in a presidential election, only to have a choice between the bumbling Jerry Ford and the unknown but grating Jimmy Carter. I sat out the 1976 election, lived to regret it, and enthusiastically cast my first vote for president in 1980, at the ripe age of 24, for Ronald Reagan. Thirty years later, we’re still suffering the consequences of Carter’s single term and his insane encouragement of revolution in Latin America and the Mideast! Of course, in the absence of Carter’s disastrous domestic and foreign policies, Reagan might never have been president; nevertheless, if I had it to do over again, I would hold my nose and vote for Ford.

The only time I ever voted for a third-party candidate was in 1988, the year I covered the Democratic and Republican conventions for the news magazine I edited. I was living in the Boston area at the time, familiar with Michael Dukakis, and confident that he had no chance of winning. So, to express my disapproval for George H.W. Bush, who had made clear his contempt for the Reagan Revolution and his determination to steer a different course, I cast my ballot for Ron Paul. That, I have never regretted. I did vote for Papa Bush in 1992, however, when Ross Perot was siphoning off enough of his support to throw the election to Bill Clinton, which he did — to our country’s everlasting shame.

In several of the elections since, including this year’s, I have had heated discussions with self-avowed conservatives who expressed a determination to vote for a third-party candidate. Having once cast a protest vote myself, I am certainly sympathetic to the temptation (though not to the sanctimonious self-righteousness with which they announce their decision); but failing to vote for the lesser of two evils when the greater evil is likely to win as a result is, to my mind, just plain stupid.

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