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  • Oct 12 / 2015
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Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

There’s no need for a gun or a knife
When the war’s a nonviolent strife:
Those who won’t reproduce
Put themselves in the noose
And surrender a land without life.

From the archive

For magnolia, for moss, and for myrtle,
For tarpon, for toad, and for turtle,
For the bird and the beast,
And for mankind not least,
The future belongs to the fertile.

Last week’s limerick

Why ask where should the answers be sought?
We all know by Whose death we were bought:
By a heavenly plan
Was God’s will shown to Man,
His Commandments and Beatitudes taught.

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  • May 18 / 2011
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And Then There Were None

At a time when we are experiencing a worldwide decline in birthrates, and many countries find themselves in a demographic crisis that will leave their nations in economic and social ruin if something doesn’t change, the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) continues to call for more population control. — LifeNews.com

How to Create a Crisis

  • Feb 18 / 2009
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Global Infertility

Where’s Al Gore when you need him?

The birth-control pill is causing “devastating” environmental damage and plays a role in rising male infertility rates . . . — Catholic News Service

Instead of frightening everybody with gore1his global warming boogeyman, old Al could be spreading the alarm about a serious, legitimate threat to the survival of mankind: rising male infertility rates.

I’m 52 years old and have six children, so this is not a personal concern, but I do think it would be nice for my kids — and other people’s kids — to be able to have kids of their own, and I kind of like the idea of the human race continuing to exist when I myself am gone. Call it altruism.

Why doesn’t Al Gore care? He’s ten years older than me, of course, and those tight jeans he wore to attract the female vote may have taken their toll. Then, there’s the big problem: the suspected cause of rising male infertility is contraceptive waste. Making a big stink about that would offend the very same female voters who thought a dumpy middle-aged guy looked good in tight jeans and for that reason deserved to be president. Better to ignore the whole thing. Besides, what’s the source for this information? The Catholic Church! Hah! They’re just trying to stop people from fornicating.

  • Dec 09 / 2008
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Adoption Scandal

Westerners have been sold the myth of a world orphan crisis. We are told that millions of children are waiting for their “forever families” to rescue them from lives of abandonment and abuse. But many of the infants and toddlers being adopted by Western parents today are not orphans at all. — E.J. Graff, Foreign Policy

This is truly tragic: American couples unwittingly finance the theft of foreign children from their parents, while American babies that could be adopted are aborted instead. “There are simply not enough healthy, adoptable infants to meet Western demand,” says Graff, but this is not true. The number of babies aborted in this country every year far exceeds the demand for adoption, and there are agencies that help unwed mothers forego abortion in favor of adoption. Why can’t the media glamourize a far superior option?

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