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  • Mar 01 / 2011
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Obama’s Environmental Wrecking Crew

The Obama administration’s policies are causing Americans to pay far more for gasoline and other fuels than necessary. America is awash in fossil-fuel energy sources with almost 30 percent of the world’s coal and 80 percent of the world’s oil shale – which contains an estimated three times the recoverable oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. — Richard Rahn

  • Feb 18 / 2011
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Who’s Behind the Environmental Movement

Increasing the United States’ reliance on “clean” energy, as touted by President Obama yet again in this week’s budget proposal, would leave Americans just as dependent on unreliable foreign suppliers as we are now on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ stranglehold on oil. Instead of a handful of mostly Middle Eastern states, we would be dependent on a single nation for critical energy supplies — China. The threat to both national security and the U.S. economy is obvious to anyone who isn’t blinded by environmentalist dogma. — H. Sterling Burnett

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