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  • Oct 22 / 2009
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Déjà Vu All Over Again

USSR, 1959: I am a “young pioneer” in school. History classes remind us that there is a higher authority than our parents and teachers: the leaders of the Communist Party.

USA, 2009: “Progressives” control the government. Children in some public schools sing songs about the president and study his directives. — Svetlana Kunin

Is anyone paying attention?

  • Aug 24 / 2009
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Your Weekly Politickle: ALIENATION

Feel free to publish, post, or pass on Your Weekly Politickle by F.R. Duplantier:

“We misread what the candidate’s ‘change’ meant
And rejected the prior arrangement;
Having now had our fill
Of this radical’s swill,
We are feeling a growing estrangement.”

From the archive:

By nefarious allies surrounded,
With socialist nostrums propounded,
Obama has won,
The change has begun,
And I hope that my fears are unfounded.

“I’m a master at deceivin’,
At wigglin’, waffllin’, weavin’;
And when I create
A socialist state,
You’ll have change you can believe in.”

All that socialist “change” is deceivin’
And so-called “social justice” mere thievin’,
But five ones for a fin
Or two fives for a ten —
That’s the kind of change I can believe in.

“You say I’m selling hope
As if it were a soap,
But, by being hip
And saying zip,
I hope to rope a dope.”

Last week’s limerick:

“We would never overtly deny
Any care we’re prepared to supply;
If we do have to ration,
With a practiced compassion
We’ll decide who deserves most to die.”

  • Nov 11 / 2008
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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

“Charitable organizations must not forget the Christian meaning of their activity, influenced by the present philanthropic climate or by excessive reliance on public funds,” [Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes said in an address to U.S. bishops this morning]. Catholic charity, Cordes said, is intended to be a “sign of God’s goodness.”

Cordes said that Cor Unum recently organized a set of spiritual exercises for leaders in church-run charities, to some extent designed to foster a clear sense of what makes Catholic charitable activity distinct from its secular counterparts. — National Catholic Reporter

It’s about time the Church did something to rein in the radicals who have been subverting her doctrine for the last 50+ years. But don’t expect “spiritual exercises” to bring them back into the fold. The Lefties are convinced of their own sanctity and think that everything they do is holy, no matter how malicious. Catholic Charities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul have been infiltrated by change agents determined to hijack these worthy organizations and use them to enact their own “social justice” agenda.

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