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The Real Horror of Obamacare


The Real Horror of Obamacare

Obama FingerUntil just yesterday, I’d been concentrating on all the things that Obamacare might deny us — the various therapeutic medicines and procedures that might be withheld because of their cost or because our advanced ages or states of decline are deemed not to warrant them. It suddenly occurred to me that the real horror would be the things Obamacare might force on us — abortion, sterilization, psychiatric drugs or operations, etc. It doesn’t take much imagination, or paranoia, to recognize that the termination of a pregnancy is a whole lot cheaper and less inconvenient than bringing a child to term. How long will it be before the obvious choice is enshrined in the ever-expanding rules of Obamacare?

Maybe abortions will be made mandatory. Maybe not, at first. In either case, in a single payer system — which is what we’re moving toward — denial of coverage for pregnancy will be tantamount to coerced abortion, since no one will be able to secure an obstetrician outside the system.

How long will it be before citizens with principled objections to socialized medicine are diagnosed with mental illness and tranquilized, lobotomized, or incarcerated for their own good and the good of society?

Once we are all, essentially, property of the state, how long will it be before the organs we’re hoarding inside of us are harvested for the benefit, and profit, of others? You’ve got two good kidneys or lungs? We’re taking one. On second thought, we’re taking both. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pain. Or maybe you will. Who cares? And so on.

The truly sad thing is that these foreseeable horrors could be avoided if all the Americans in denial would just open their eyes and turn on their brains and dare to speak up.


  1. frank

    Right on Cuz! Opt out now–don’t sign up for anything. When you have a medical problem that’s not emergency, come to Mexico where there are so many doctors that COMPETITION prevails and you can find treatments for as low as $2 for visits, lab-tests and medicines without prescriptions….surgery for 10% to 20% of USA prices.

  2. F.R.

    Hey, Buddy, if my kids hadn’t all put down roots in St. Louis, I’d be south of the border already. It’s the simple life for me, amigo y hermano!

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