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Resolving the Question of Obama’s Citizenship Status


Resolving the Question of Obama’s Citizenship Status

British subject BHO Sr

Whether or not Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen may be an interesting question, but it’s not the question at hand. Whether or not he qualifies as a “natural-born citizen” is the subject of dispute. A strict constructionist relying on the original intent of the drafters of the Constitution and the meaning of the term “natural-born” prevailing at the time could not confirm his eligibility to be president.

If Obama is soundly defeated in November, the question of his citizenship status may then seem academic. Resolving it, however, is crucial to the prevention of similar travesties in the future. Surrounding the Obama administration with an aura of illegitimacy also has appeal, as does exposing his witting and unwitting enablers as participants in a massive fraud.

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