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Oh, Boy! What An Opportunity!


Oh, Boy! What An Opportunity!

Sitting down for a meal with the President of the United States is just not a chance many people — including me — will ever get.

That’s why you’d be crazy not to at least give this a shot.

We’re drawing the first winner tonight at midnight.

Pitch in $2 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to sit down for a meal with the President.

Consider this: A couple months ago, Scott, a firefighter and dad from Georgia, opened an email about having dinner with the President. He pitched in a few dollars to support the campaign, figuring “Why not?”

Weeks later, the President was offering him a french fry from across the table.

So if you think that could never be you, remember that Scott thought that, too.

Chip in $2 or more to be automatically entered now:


Good luck,


Rufus Gifford
National Finance Director
Obama for America

I’m not really a masochist. I just subscribed to the Obama campaign list so I would know what the enemy is up to — and so I could chuckle over smarmy emails like the one above from Rufus the doofus. Rufus may think I’m crazy to pass up this golden opportunity, but, believe it or not, “sitting down for a meal with the President of the United States” would not be the highlight of my life. Especially this president: a crooked, radical street hustler who belongs in the Big House, not the White House. No, the thought of sharing french fries with Barack Obama doesn’t excite me. For two bucks, I can buy my own fries and not have to look at his smug, lying face.


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