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The Cure: More Poison?


The Cure: More Poison?

The federal government pretends to protect us from products and practices it deems dangerous. Yet, the response recommended for every alleged hazard is something incomparably more hazardous. Forget tobacco and firearms. Don’t worry about CFCs or carbon dioxide. Never mind E. coli and sarin. The single most murderous material known to man is not matter at all, but an idea. Socialism, embodied in godless governments, has killed more people than all the plagues, poisons, and perils put together. Most of the defects in our healthcare system — still the envy of the earth — are symptomatic of incipient socialism. Increasing the dosage of this toxin is not the answer. — F.R. Duplantier, “Behind the Headlines,” 1997

How long do we have to have this debate? Can anyone remember why we separated from Britain? It wasn’t because of too little government.


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