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Growing Our Own Fuel


Growing Our Own Fuel

If we are going to allow a massive raid on the treasury in the hope of providing a speed-bump on the certain road to reorganization and downsizing of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, the very least we can do is get for the country something of lasting value in exchange. Here’s a modest proposal: Set America free from its enslaving addiction to oil. — Frank J. Gaffney Jr, Center for Security Policy

As a native of Louisiana, I have a lifelong appreciation for natural resources and the economic opportunities they generate. The collapse of the domestic oil and gas industry in the 1980s was a blow that my hometown has yet to recover from. I was one of thousands of New Orleanians who evacuated 20 years before Katrina, in search of economic opportunity elsewhere. For several years thereafter, I produced a nationally syndicated newspaper and radio commentary called “Behind The Headlines,” promoting free enterprise and limited government. I know, as well as any layman, that energy independence in America requires full exploitation of our domestic reserves of coal, oil, and gas — along with nuclear power plant construction, development of biofuels, and other reasonable options. The only thing holding us back are bogus environmental threats and the financial interests that fabricate them.

Well, I’m not exactly thrilled
When I get my gas tank filled,
But it makes my blood boil
To know that there’s oil
In reserves of our own to be drilled.
— Your Weekly Politickle, F.R. Duplantier

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